Just you wait


I grew up playing Howrse across both AUS and INT versions over the past 10 years under various aliases. I used to spend hours on Howrse and sneak on at 4:23 a.m. to invoke a Sleipnir or cover a unicorn. I am on a hiatus from the International version where in the past I was a member of leading Criollo, Arabian and Knab teams. My past on AUS is varied, including NIB Paints, Arabian and Shetland unis, as well as TWHs, Knabs and Hanoverians. My sole advice to anyone endeavouring to be successful is that friends are the only worthwhile investment.

I have taken a few breaks here and there, each time returning as a a stronger player, but otherwise not much has changed,. I still consider myself an elite breeder, working 1000 horses a day to collect aging points or working on my various projects listed to the right. 

Current obsessions include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, musicals including Les Miserables, Book of Mormon and Dear Evan Hansen, so you may see some of their themes come through in my naming of horses, breeding farms and affixes.

I also have an interest in graphics (despite my lack of artistic talent) and layout making. Examples of layouts include this one and The Sentinels team layout.  I am currently wishing to practice my layout coding skills so I am offering free layout coding services, provided you supply the image background.

I look forward to what the future holds and am always happy to help out other players.


Taking a break, but building my reserve through selling horses on demand for objectives. If you need an objective completed, feel free to PM me. I will generally beat any current price in sales, and occasionally offer them for free.


My beloved main project is the top Welsh team Awakening of which I am a cofounder. 

I collect foundation horses. I will buy any reserved to me at the flat price of 30,000e for UNTOUCHED (not aged) foundations, and 10,000e if they have been aged. Please PM me to negotiate if the horse has special items etc.

My personal horses available for sale are under 'Experiments',  I do not actively put these in sales so shoot me a PM.  Je Suis Colore foals range from 20k - 250k/1 pass depending on GP & coat. Unis start at around 80k. Other horses vary. Open to bulk sales. Please note that many horses will be called Automated Purchases so you will have to include a link to the horse. My RCs are only for sale with very convincing offers.

I am always looking to trade for BM items, with M. Arms, Z. Bolts being my main priority. Buying both for 300k each. Just reserve. 

My EC is a work in progress but will likely be kept mostly private. I am currently working on my motivation to improve my competitions next.

1. I generally check all messages within 24 hours. If I have not responded within that time, feel free to send me a reminder message as necessary. The message may have gotten lost or I may have just forgotten to respond.
2. I am willing to answer any questions you have about the game.
3. I accept all friend requests, but would prefer a chat first.

Shoutouts: Thanks to modelhorsemad for reintroducing me so warmly to this game.
Thank you Doravalentin for being so helpful and doing so much more than helping me win my first rosette on the 17/10/2015.
Thank you to Equinox for constantly being an inspiration.
Thank you to TaBoo for being my partner in crime. 
Thank you to my Je Suis family, now also extended into Aztec Arabians and The Final Cut families.  
You make it all worth it. 

Thank you everyone else who's known me as I am and under my previous alias. You know who you are.

Have a good day!