Welcome to my Page!

I am editing the Howrse Wiki. I've hit 1000 days seniority on 25/6/19..

Hello! My name is pagoda888.

My favourite band is Queen! I don't have any favourite, it's too hard! 

If you have an unwanted horse, I can buy it for 5,000 to 10,000 Equus. 

I accept all friend requests, and please don't be shy! I don't bite :D. You can usually see me poking around on the forums..

Right now, my breeding goal is to breed as many Fjords as I can. I want to breed as many rare coats to help people.

I am always looking for Horns of Plenty, I have Hera's Packs, Fertility Wands, 5th Elements and many more items to offer for them.

Thank you for reading my page, and Happy Howrsing!