Hello I am not feeling to good at the moment sorry if I don't reply to your PMs

I spent 20 passes on tree expedition and did not get Sagittarius:'(I had 31/36!) I am very upset:( I am thinking of leaving howrse. It just is not fun anymore. you have to use passes for everything and they are so herd t get. And I should spend the time I am on howrse with my real horse! I have put a lot into howrse and have been playing for a few years, maybe I need something new. It is only hard to leave because I have my wonderful Fjords, but it is hard to find time to BULP.... sorry I now I should not put this here but it is just how I  am feeling:S


and BMIS I NEED:philotes' strokeachilles' heel

morpheus' arms
golden apple



PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT MY  Equestrian Centre!!!!

pig_anim_5.gifTopaz - Topaz - Topaz - Topaz - Topaz - Frost
Xanthos - Xanthos - XanthosXanthos - Xanthos

Hello all,

Thank you for looking at my page!

1st of all I want to give a very big Thank you to  

cjws, Ellie and Sapphireinoz4321

for all your help!!!

my breeding 

I breed the best Fjords on AU Howrse!

with my Team of very good Friends.

               Warrior Fjords  is not looking for any new Members,

           but thank you for your interest!

                     we only sale geldings!   


You can win a Gelding!

All you need to do:

 is look at all the GAs on my page..

PM  and tell me what one is best! 

and you are in the raffle for a gelding!

It goes ones for 5 enters, so you have a 20% chance to win!

and if you do not win you can enter in the next one:)

(you need 30+ days to enter)

(3 more enters till the next  raffle)

I few of my Fjord GAs:  

Gallop With Me

My Flying World


Look at me!


are you Dancing? ♂

What are you?!?

are you coming?

Gone with the wind!

I am Mighty!

Let's Go!

Big Boy


I Need a Swim

♞♞Black or White♘♘♂


Southern Bell 33*


Blossom for you!


Little though girl!

Little Grey Stallion

In My Dream...


evening light

Little smiley

we have a secret...

what's up dogy?

Bear skin

Long way to go

Let's Have A Rest...

My royal lily pool

Walking on Sunshine

in the dark room

Have you seen Roo?

(No) good weather

She's so Wonderful

ride in the snow?

Hi Mum...

Passage and Piaffe

The Levade

just looking...

Spanish Walk

morning rear

something is wrong.


Wild Stallion

a little wild herd

Proud Father

The Battle Cry

I will protect you!

I am Back!

are you looking?

Full of Joy!

Bright Magic

Out of the Book!

What is Happening???

always being watched

In it for to Long!

Ponies Can Run!

having good day?

Magic Filly

Golden Paradise Brid

Two Pirates

The unwanted


Mum is a Dog, Friend is a...

Night Burner

I Was Left Behind...

The Super Star

Take off to the Skys

Starved and Beaten

Long way to Death

Love and revenge

Home of Show horses

Let's Show Them

The Hit

Darkness vs Light

Darkness of dawn


Filly 2001.91

Mares in season?


Silver stallion