Female | Adult

Busy irl

2023 QOTY 

“When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.”        
 ― Roy T. Bennett

On/off activity depending on my motivation and university semesters. 

Note to self: summer units make uni eternal. ded.


horses at round up

Here are the basics:

  • EC is private
  • If the horse isn't in sales, it's not for sale
  • Will accept any friend requests
  • My main focus on breeding Welsh with my team Awakening. 
  • Second focus is breeding Marwari unicorns in my solo project Masquerade
  • Also enjoying Finnish unicorns for the pretty coats and challenge. Unicorn breeding can be a real pain with the luck aspect.
  • I may at times venture into other projects but I usually lose interest and end up back with my welsh 
  • Always happy to answer and share information about my knowledge of the game. 

My username was created a decade ago, and ironically still relevant. As it suggests, I am (or was) an avid collector of model horses. My collection consists of over 200 Schleich models. While I may no longer actively invest much thought into my collection, I keep them close on the shelf as I am (strangely?) proud of it. Like, yeah, it's kinda impressive to look at.

As for me personally, I’m a female adult currently attending university. My studies lie in criminology and political science so that is an interest of mine - I find the topics fascinating to understand.

While I love horses, birds are my number one. Got a flock of 'tiels that rule my life and I adore them madly. Any kind of bird, especially parrots, absolutely love. Made my avatar one of the baby cockatoos that I photographed a while ago. He was very cute a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

Fun Howrse info:

To calculate IBS of foals, assuming both parents are 100BLUP: Add parent GP together, divide by 10. Times by 1.5. IBS can vary between .96 (min) and 1.04(max) of this result. Closer to the 1.04 is most desirable. 


Most competitions are broken down into 45/30/20, being percentages of the three skills required in each discipline. The last 5% is age. Show Jumping is the only exception to this as it's broken down into 45/25/25 meaning both it's second and third skill (dressage and speed) are weighted the same.