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Stallions at Stud

Here you will find my unique Stallions at Stud with the breeding prices breed etc.

Current Stallions

Pharaoh                                                                 100038527-miniature.png                                               This Stallion is a Unicorn of the Selle Francias breed. He has proved himself as a worthy sire. An example of this is being his offspring. There being last recorded as 15 foals, of which, 11 were unicorns. Covering fee: 500e.                                                                                                                     Rainbow                                                                miniature.png                                      This stallion has a shaman coat and is a purebred original foundation Quarter horse. Stunning boy. Covering Fee: 500e.
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Looking to buy Stagecoach horses. Can negotiate prices. I’ll buy any male for 20,000e and any female for 30,000e!

Attention: If anyone has a pregnant mare that is covered by my horse Sinsaymore could you please send me a message. It would’ve been from a while back, so any information will help. Holding out hope. 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png

Thank you.



About Me;

Hello everyone! I live in NSW along the south coast. I own a rainbow lorikeet, three chickens and of course, my own beautiful gelding! He is featured as my profile picture and here in the layout. He’s been my therapy horse for more than 5 years.                   I’m breeding Brumbies and I’m proud of my progress so far! Go and check them out in my ~Wild Elites~ tab.             I’m around the ages of 18-20, and I love making new friends! Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with me as I’m very friendly. Feel free to send those friend requests!                   

The Sale Yard;

Here is where my horses for sale now or for future sale and their information.                                                                            - Most Happy FellaExplore the Wild West. A new colt born from genuine Stagecoach horses. Breed: Appaloosa with a bay snowflake coat (much like his parents!). Dam: Colorado, Sire: Colorado. (This horse is not publicly up for sale, however, is up for negotiation). 
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I won the Divine horse Koejke on the 10th of October 2019