"Schrecklich ist sein prächtiges Schnauben. Es stampft auf den Boden, ist freudig mit Kraft und zieht aus den Geharnischten entgegen. Es spottet der Furcht und erschrickt nicht und flieht vor dem Schwert nicht! [...] Es zittert und tobt und scharrt in die Erde und lässt sich nicht halten bei der Trompete Hall."
- Hiob 39, 20-24 -

As you might have noticed I breed high quality fjords since the start of this australian version.

After breeding nearly two years very sucessfully on my own I decided in May 2015 to join the great "Warrior-Fjords"- Team.
As the leading Fjord-Team (and currently the only one ;-)) we are working to bring our Fjords on the top.

Because of that you have to understand that our horses do not give any coverings to pure mares. Of course asks about crossbreeds or gelded skillers are welcome!!!

I am always looking for some bm-items.
So if you want to exchange something, just message me.

Great thanks to Mesotablar, LuvAdam 9, 123Rascal123 and jinx.
You guys are amazing!! Without you this game would not be half as good!

And i would like to thank leen., a german player who made this amazing layout.
 True Warriors!!!