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About Me:

I am a young adult player so please do get permission from parents or caregivers if you are underage before you message me. I am a horse person in real life and compete in dressage. I own three horses, a 16hh thoroughbred gelding (competed at medium level), a 16hh warmblood mare, and a 2 year old 16hh Australian warmblood gelding called Obsidian. I am a friendly person and aim to get the best as I can at this game.

Friend Requests:

I do accept all friend requests. I will happily talk to anyone. However, do not expect special deals or personal information.

Equestrian Centre:

My equestrian centre is slowly becoming better. My current focus is to improve my boxes, by making them 3* with flax bedding, water troughs and showers. I also offer a lot of extras and am a cheaper EC.


I am a proud Friesian breeder. My Friesians are under the Affix ɮɛʏօռɖ աɨʟɖ, and I have progressed in improving the GP. 

I am now starting to dabble in breeding friesian crossbreds. I will breed with high gp stallions to create the ultimate competition horses. The affix used is 'wíld chαrαdє'


I have so far 25 of 31 breeds of unicorns. I am not really interested in breeding unicorns, so am slowly improving them.


I offer coverings from all of my stallions. I make most of my offers $500.


I still own the horse i began Howrse with. Her name is Apodokiel and she is 72 years old. 

I have 511 Friesians. Making them my largest breed population.


Currently collecting coats to complete the trophy. PM if you have any of these that you are willing to sell (do not have to be purebred). Will pay equus, or passes (if reasonable offer).

        - White

        - Bay
        - Bay Tobiano
        - Black Tobiano
        - Mouse Grey Tobiano

Icelandic Horse
- Dapple Grey

        - Chestnut Few Spots

        - Black
        - Dapple Grey
        - Mouse Grey

Selle Francais
        - Dapple Grey
        - Dun
        - Flaxen Chestnut
        - Light Grey
        - Mouse Grey
        - Palomino
        - Roan
        - Strawberry Roan

Thank you for visiting my page!