Australian | 22 | Female | Uni Student

About Me
Hello! I'm a 21 year old girl from Queensland, Australia. I'm a uni studnet studying IT. In my free time I volunteer, spend hours outside looking through the view finder of my camera, gardening, reading, digital painting and baking, sleeping, 3D modelling and every evening I enjoy going on my evening jog with my dogs.

My Game
I’m not a competitive player, I mostly just enjoy submitting black pearl creations and participating in events now.

Breeding & Covers
Since I'm not a competitive player, I will accept any cover requests - provided I log in to do so *Please Read My Game Let me know which of my stallions you want a cover from and which mare you want covered.
  • Unicorn Cover - 500e
  • Argentine Crillos over 1000GP - 7500e
  • All Other Covers - 500e
  • I do not offer Donkey or Draft Covers sorry

I'm not selling a horse unless its for sale, sorry.