I am over 18, so if you wish to PM me, make sure it's okay with a Parent or Guardian first.
I am cougarcat7 on the International game, however i no longer play on that server
As far as Divines are concerned I own many, and they will never be for sale, so please do not ask.  
I collect GA coats and all horses (that I plan to keep) have one. Feel free to flick through my retired collection in my "retired GA album" tab (i'm very proud of what I have so far hehe)
 If you're selling a horse with a GA coat, PM me, I may be willing to pay passes or high amounts of equus, especially if it's retired (though I will only pay passes if the horse is immortal).
I do not accept random friend requests, as friendship is earnt not given, but if you need help, send me a PM


Project Runaway is no longer in action due to several reasons beyond anyone's control. Although the breeding of Elite Tennessee Walkers is over by the Runaway gang, I have in fact met some fantastic players, learnt a lot and most importantly, made some life long friends.

Now to the positives - Although I'm currently not breeding as competitively as I once was, I am still breeding Nokota unicorns with fellow player Yowwy, although this is meerly for fun. Our affix is "bleeding horns" and all non unicorn offspring will have a Chestnut Overo (1%) coat, and will be placed in the auction sales for 500e.
Silly offers will be ignored. Do not message me asking to cheaply buy one of my horses not listed as for sale. IF IT'S NOT LISTED AS FOR SALE, IT SIMPLY IS NOT FOR SALE, please do not PM me asking otherwise.
Donkeys, male & Female. 1 pass per covering remaining (SALE - or 2 passes for a male with all coverings remaining)

ALL horses with the affix "Tennessee Trouble" are for sale and will be placed in the auctions at 500e. Each will have an Apollo's Lyre. Message me if you'd like one reserved, for a set price of 2000e for both males and females. Excluding those named "coat trophy".

I am selling Bewitched Pumpkin horses (the coats I already have) and these will be placed in my "sales" tab, located in the "fillers/retired" section of my breeding farm.

I also sell any unicorn foals I do not need regardless of coat for 500e & 1-2 passes. Each will have a whip and Apollo's Lyre. Message for details.

PM me if interested in trades, I am ALWAYS looking for Golden Apples and Philosophers Stones, as well as MA's, in which I will pay equus via the exchanges.

The Horses;
~My Elite Welsh Unicorn mare NothingElseMatters is 2nd in the overall Dressage wins ranking, with 2900 wins (10/10/2015)
~My Elite Welsh Uni mare CheckYesJuliet is 1st in overall Unicorn gallop potential, at 91.18 (12/07/2011)
~Largest collection of Golden Apple coats: 16th (10/10/2015) 
~Highest overall ranking: 48th (8/08/2014)
~Number of competitions won in a day: 14th (10/02/2013)
~Trophies won: 17th (10/10/2015)

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Only those players that mean the most to me (& Thanks for the lovely banner Meg 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png?1117650034)