Looking for somebody to fill my Western Comps! Pm me if you can help!

Lots of rare colours for sale, PM me if you are looking for specifics. All prices are negotiable!!!

I'm after Ghosts #2 and Bee companions. Also Looking for these coats + more on the bottom of my page! 

14 left to collect! + Metal 5th element of any type!


About Me
  • Female Adult
  • Owned by 7 amazing dogs
  • Unicorn Breeder
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Rare coat colour breeder

    To Kiute for being amazing.
    To Sapphireinoz4321 for helping with my Shagya Unis
    To LOTR for helping me get my unicorn trophy
    To zippy for being an amazing boss and giving me "NIGHT BARBIE"

Shagya Arabian Unicorns reached 2 Stars (In Stamina) on the 27/07/2013!
Started to collect Retired Coats, all that I need are listed on my page.. Pm me if you have one that you are willing to sell to me!

RC CoatsI need!