If you happen to have any of the following horses/coats that you'd be willing to sell, please message me as I'd love to buy them for my trophies!

Newfoundland Pony:
- Cremello
- Strawberry Roan

- Mouse Grey Tobiano

Black Market Items/Special Coats: 
- Shaman (Magic Hat)
- Werehorse (Double Sided Medallion)
- Newt (Book of Monsters)
- Viuda Negra (Catrina Brooch)
-  Niña de las Flores (Catrina Brooch)

If anyone has an EC with 60e lesson earnings, I would LOVE it if you could reserve a box or two for me, please a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png




About Me

Hey there, my name is Caity and I'm from Victoria, Australia. Most of my time outside of work and Howrse is spent with my wonderful fiance Zac, our rescue pup Meeko, and our new puppy Arya. I'm also lucky enough to have a purebred Quarter Horse named Larna who I visit regularly, too.

Some random facts about me:

- I love cars and anything to do with motorsport. My fiance and I are currently building our KE20 Corolla rally car so we can start competing again. I'm also in the process of restoring a 1966 Valiant Wayfarer ute.
- My favourite colour is purple (though I do love teal, too).
- I am a gamer. I used to play a number of (console) games competitively but now that I have more time constraints, I just play casually for fun.
- I used to be obsessed with Pokemon. I still enjoy playing my older games every now and then. Charizard and Suicune are my favourites!
- I absolutely LOVE music. I love listening to it but also thoroughly enjoy playing. I have a relatively musically inclined family so thanks to their passion (and mine), I can play a number of instruments as well as sing.
- I may or not be a binge series-watcher... I'm a season a week kinda gal, I can't watch just one episode at once XD

I've been playing Howrse for quite some time now (I started before this server even existed!) so if you ever need a hand with anything, please message me and you'll likely find that I'm happy to help. In saying that though, please note that I am over 18 years old so if you are younger than this, I recommend that you request permission from your parent or guardian before contacting me. 

Happy Howrsing! Please click here if you wish to visit my Frost.

My Game

I am a member of AU Howrse's #1 Tennessee Walker team; Silver Walkers. I also am lucky enough to be a member of the top ranked French Trotter Unicorn, Welsh Pony Unicorn, and Tennessee Walker Unicorn teams. Please note that none of these teams are currently recruiting.

My main focus on this game is to continue increasing the genetic potential of the above mentioned horses and unicorns, as well as acquire as many trophies as I possibly can.

Please note that I use the auto-comp feature. If my horse "stomps" your competitions, please send me a message to let me know. I'm happy to fill your comps to make up for any losses I may have contributed to.

I am always interested in buying or trading for the following Black Market items:
- Morpheus' Arms
- Nyx Pack
- Achilles' Heel

All horses in my ᴀᴅᴏᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ᴄᴇɴᴛʀᴇ breeding farm/tab are for sale. Please message me to make an offer. In your message, please include the URL/link to the specific horse you're after (to make things easier).



Ranking Highlights:

26/08/2020: Ranked #6 in "Popularity" with a total of 28 page visits.
09/09/2020: Ranked #6 in "Number of Competitions Won Yesterday" with a total of 96 wins.
11/09/2020: Ranked #5 in "Number of Horses Looked After Yesterday" with a total of 767.
19/09/2020: Ranked #9 in "Number of Rosettes Won This Month" with a total of 25.
20/10/2020: Ranked #63 in "General Ranking" with a score of 2,335,937.