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Skillor Foals Available
Skillor foals are now available in direct sales .
Due to their high genetic potential these foals are only available as geldings.A "Skillor"is a foal born from fully blupped parents with Aphrodites Tears used at coverings to get the high IBS(in born skills). Foals will have foal games done then gelded at 1.6yrs before being placed in direct sales. A 60e lesson box can be organized for the buyer if desired . price will depend on IBS and GP of the foal. f66c13e3-8780-4ae0-aacd-54e6a6c36c6f.jpg *".

Dressage Gone Wild
I am apart of the top Nokota breeding team with my wonderful breeding partners Rommy, Sapphireinoz4321,King Of Jazz and Cbear. Together we achieved getting the the first horse to 1000 GP on the 15th May 2013 on this server with our Nokotas.

Mountain Brumbys
Producing top quaility crossbreeds that excell in numerous disciplines

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