About Me:
I'm a 27yo who plays very sporadically, so catch me if you can~
I accept friend requests and am always happy to nerd out about all random things.

My general interests include:
CRAFTING - I sew, crochet, applique, scrap book, journal as well as others (probably poorly but still)
READING - all genres that capture my attention
WRITING - I can't seem to focus enough to write a full book but enjoy writing scenes and short stories.
MUSIC - currently obsessed with Ghost, but enjoy all genres, including 60s, Alt Rock and Electro Swing.
NERD STUFF - Dungeons and Dragons, Xbox gaming, PC gaming, Switch Gaming, Pokemon, Yugioh, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Baldurs Gate... it goes on and on...

I have access to adult money that I am completely irresponsible with.

My Breeding Farms:
My main focus at the moment is to breed all coat/species under my affix, and then eventually to collect the BMI coats as well as divines/GA.
The breeding farms are associated with the 'Collections' tab - and are subdivided through that. The tally of what i have out of the total amount can be seen - may be off slightly due to additional horses or ones that don't quite fit (example, a horse in the pegasus tabs, waiting for wings). It's a complete mess but I am normally uncoordinated so it makes sense to me, haha.

Other Collections are my horses i've bred, been gifted, or are other collections.

Horses in 'Other Horses' Tab are generally for sale, if I have forgotten to re-list or put them up - feel free to send me a message and enquire!

Affixes & Lyres:
Children of Earth (Of The Earth) are the horses bred by me.

Starborne Collections (Starborne Collections) are those in the collections tab, not inclusive of my divines.

The Unknown (Ϝεαř σʄ †ɧε υɳʞɳσɰɳ) are Uni Misakis i've decided to give a shot!

Terra Nova (From The Terra Nova) are the AFL Ponies bred by EA81 and 1RZ. I'm just the trophy VIP who no idea whats going on while they do all the real hard work <3

Lyres Symbols are given to all the horses that obtain certain aspects:
STARS = Blupped and fully skilled.
MOONS  = Retired horses that are over the age of 20 and have not been blupped - they may change to stars if applicable.
HEARTS = my original gaia pair.
CROWNS = Foundies