An adult player who hasn't been active in a while, getting my game back in order. 

My sole focus is on breeding high GP Mustangs in the team, Knock 'em Dead

3/11/21: Won my first rosette with my own horse
16/11/21: First 13800 GP Mustang - here

Always looking to purchase items on the exchange. I'll buy:
Aphrodite's Tears, Achilles Heels, Fertility Wands, Zeus Bolts & Pieces of Cloud for 100,000 equus each

 Chronos' Timer for 200,000 equus each and Morpheus' Arms for 300,000 equus each

Feel free to leave reserve in my exchange and I'll purchase when I can, or message me to arrange 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png