Due to real life I no longer play regularly, my EC Fox Creek Stables will be maintained to its current level but I no longer breed competitively, account sharing may be an option. I've been playing Howrse since the V1 coats, so a while. Most my horses here as crossbreds, some of which have done very well.

I'm a Uni student, and over 18 so check with parent/guardian before messaging me. :)

Favourite horses:
Munich - my first Stars of Germany allstar
Valentino - hit 1200 wins in XC
Pact & Devil in Details - my founding horses for my high GP Per Ascensum Vulpi line. Pact also doubles as a very good comp horse :)
Olympia - my PSH cross
Burning Sunset - the first that started off Howrse!
Spring, Tianma and my Greyfells go to show occasionally lotteries actually give you big gifts :P

Oh and my pretty crossbreds :D Check them out to the right ->

I love having friends help me (and of course I try to help them in return) for promos, but not participate in all promos.


Préditõs Eqüõs
Préditõs Òlym̄pic̃
Per Ascensum Vulpi

Aim: to reach 2 red stars in each skill [since I've always had a thing for well-rounded crossbreds - dating back to the race for first allstar :)

Crossbred coverings: always available, but please check out the affix page to see the GP available. Again PM is best if you'd like one. Please note I'm not always on and normally have a lack of AP's so may not be able to instantly give coverings out. (At time of writing I'm relying on the 2 daily AP)