Many apologies to the community, i have since mid November not been as available as i'd like to be for everyone.
I've begun a new business adventure outside of game and it's unfortunately taking up a lot of my time. A huge thank you to Corinne12,  dragoniys,  shelleybelly76 & King Of Jazz for all their help & support.
My log in times are sporadic, and can be days or weeks between, so please, if you have a question know you can still ask the general community via the Forums or Help Center. Serious issues and concerns should go to dragoniys or Cloud333 (if i'm not available after 12hrs) or admin (via Contact Us at the bottom of the page).
I will continue to do my best to keep the community safe & happy as possible as time permits. Peace & Love to all!
~ Simbela

Apologies but i do not accept random friend requests
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