Also looking for any HoG horses and the red or green dragons! will pay handsomely!! Just PM me your price and links to the horses.

My Aim In the Game
I hope to collect many GA, RC and HOG horses. they are beautiful. i am not a competitive breeder, i am here on the game for fun and stress free from the huge blocks of schoolwork i will be getting this year. I collect horn of gold horses because as everyone knows companions are no longer on this game and companions with coats are very rare, one day when i am finished this game i shall give my hopefully large collection of horses to my closest friend on here, i keep trophies and coats so that i can keep a reasonable ranking on the game but i don't really mind too much about my ranks, i hope to keep howrse a stress free environment where i can chill and have fun.

Brief description
My name is Jennifer but my friends call me Jen, i am at university. I love The big bang theory, How i met your mother and The vampire diaries so any other fans of these shows feel free to shoot me a quick PM, i promise i am easy to get along with. I love olives, i am female By the way, the People on this game that i really look up to are jennyomeo, CHRISTINE123, Goanna, Myst, TheJoker, shellybelly76, Australian-Outback, Goldew, Scarecrow, Whispering_Willows, Cloud333, mamma mia, Bacta Angel, river bend stables, Dragoniys and Tam Alex
What horses you can offer for
You may offer prices for any horse :) (excluding RC's and Spirit, C H E A K E R S and Blinded Vengeance)
What do you breed?
I will breed the occasional Unicorn here or there but i am not big into breeding, but i will breed horses for 500e upon request 
Looking for Horn of Gold Horses, will pay for with Passes!!!!