Hey guys! Welcome to my page!

About Me


I'm a girl living in Western Australia and I'm really into reading - particularly YA and fantasy - and music (bands) such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots. Kind of obsessed with Marvel too... I play a bunch of different sports such as Netball, Floorball, Horse Riding and, though not as prominently anymore, Sailing and I really enjoy learning about different legends and mythology. I'm always happy to talk and make new friends so if you ever feel like having a chat, shoot me a PM!

My Game

I'm currently working on breeding Hano's and am considering working with a more recently introduced breed. I'm open to working with a partner or joining a team, but I'm also happy breeding solo. Completing trophies has also started to interest me.

I'm happy to buy any horse in my reserved sales under 2,500e.