Hi and welcome to my page.

NOTE: I am not very active on howrse anymore due to time constraints, I have recently started playing again and I am moving into breeding Arabian's so will be working primarily on my BLUPping. Please be patient with me :)  


I am an adult player who has been playing howrse since 2007 when there was only one server and it was completely international, that account no longer exists however so I started a new one and go by the name of Bedlite4BlueEyes. I do not own any horses of my own in real life however i have been riding for around 14 years now. I mainly trail ride however I have done some low kilometre endurance riding and I aim to one day own my own horse and compete in Shahzada, a 400 kilometre endurance ride. My favourite horse breed is Akhal Teke and I hope to own one in the future. Although I do not have any horses I do have a Great Dane, who is the size of a small shetland pony, named Harley. I attend university and have very heavy 'real-world' commitments between working and studying. Due to this I often go inactive for days, to sometimes months, at a time. I try and get onto howrse daily, however there are times when this is just impossible, please be patient with me if you've sent me a PM regarding anything howrse related, I will reply to you eventually!   


I do not accept random friend requests, however for the friends I do have, when I am active I do help with promotions (lottery etc.) 


I try and return all congratulations I see! Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me!



Horses For Sale 

The only horses I currently have for sale or would consider selling are either already listed in the sales OR can be found in my "Horses For Sale" tab. Every other horse I own is not for sale, DO NOT send me messages asking me to sell my horses because "i'm not active on howrse", they are my horses, and they are there for when I am free and can play the game again. This is extremely rude and quiet tiring. If i recieve any more messages of this nature you will be ignored and black listed.   

Stallions Up For Stud 

All of my stallions listed here are up for stud even if no public coverings are currently available, coverings can be made for your mare on request, prices vary for coverings depending on the stallions statistics, please don't hesitate to PM me if you want a covering from one of my stallions and can't find a listing  

Paint Horses


Genetic Potential: 1939.06
BLUP: 89.55
Excellency Stars: 137*
Price: 1,500 equus 


Genetic potential: 711.57 
BLUP: 99.33
Excellency Stars: 21*
Price: 500 equus


Genetic Potential: 699.23
BLUP: 100.00
Excellency Stars: 20* 
Price: 500 equus 

Akhal Teke's 


Genetic Potential: 609.82
BLUP: 33.60
Excellency Stars: 13*
Price: 500 equus 

Arabian Horses 


Genetic Potential: 2492.74
BLUP: 54.88
Excellency Stars: 193*
Price: 3,500 equus 

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