Speaking of stolen covers does      Ziminiar  Ring a bell, in your own words  even going as far as accessing an account via co man to thieve covers and create their own team,    I consider the people who condone and support the behavior of these players just as guilty as the perpetrators themselves.   Enough said. Back as far as  Born on: 30/08/2015.           pointing their finger and making petty, childish and untrue accusations to take the spot light off themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Im not usually one to participate in this days of our lives drama, in fact i very rarely read  the winging that some players carry on about in this GAME.  But it has been brought to my attention today, and id like to just say, are you for real, you can not seriously believe the storys you tell, i wont bring up times i was not part of this game, part of the TOP hard working MUSTANG GT500 as i was not here, i did not witness any of those past doings and i was NOT involved, so for you to even drag me into those just goes to show what type of person you really are.  Also dragging my team mates who where not involved in the team at that time either shows just who you are.  Now saying my dear friend doesnt know what hard work is, go take a look at who is the one who doesnt know hard work, from my time on here, your team brought a mistake make by ours and brought an un gelded skillor, that was offered the max passes to buy back and you decided to breed off, getting you a few hundred gp jump, wow yes sounds like hard work right there.  My GAME has been honest, very hard work and alot of hours and passes and who i choose to give MY MUSTANGS too or MY covers too i will happily do.  There are lovely players on this game and im happy to help them in any way i can, im also happy to teach them all i can.  I HAVE WORKED HONESTLY to get where i am, and no one will stop me from helping,giving and caring about others in this GAME or real life.  Thankyou to all my friends and all the new friends i have made recently on here, you guys all ROCK you are the most beautiful kind people and never let anyone tell you other wisea4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png                                                                                                                                             MUSTANG GT500       Has Made The Decision As A Team To Finally End, We Have Put All The Top G.P Foals Up In Sales For All Players ,Even The Little Guys To Have A Chance At Having A high G.P Horses And Even A Top Team.  We Wish You All The Best And Good Luck In What Ever You Decide To Do, And Don'tLet Anybody Bully You.  This Is A Game, A Game For All To Play Not Just A Select Group935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png   This Has Been THE Best Decision We Have Made And It Brings Us Unbelievable Happiness To Give Every Player A Go And To Be The Best They Can BE.a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png           MUSTANG GT500 8bfaf7be049bd4fa5e254020733fe354.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            G'Day Mate RuffRyder here, A Proud Member Of MUSTANG GT500 And Happy To Be Breeding The Top Mustang's On The Aussie Howrse. . Working Hard With A Great Team Of Friend's .  We Are Proud To Say We Where The First To Breed 10000GP Horse On This Server On The 26/03/2020. Copy To See The First 10000GP Foal.  https://au.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=2909943  .  Our Musty's Excel In Barrel Bringing In Grand Prix Wins Every Week, They Win Rosettes In Barrel, Raining,Cutting,Gallop And Occasionally Cross Country.  Our GP Climbs Every Day And Our Team Is Proud To Bring The Musty's To Our Great Southern Land Howrse.   Im  Taking A Different Journey In My Life Now, New Exciting Doors Have Opened Up For Me And Ill Be Spending Less Time On Here.  Looking Forward To A New Exciting Life .  It Was A Great Experience Breeding The Top Horses On Aus Server For A Very Long Time And I Have Made Amazing Friends That Will Be Friends For Life Nowa4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png          You Guys Rock And Thanks For Teaching Me So Much On This Game And Well Lifea4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png       Ill Never Forget This Time On Here The Good, And The Bad.  Ill Still Be Breeding In My Spare Time Just Not Competitive .    Best Of Luck To You All8bfaf7be049bd4fa5e254020733fe354.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        IM Also Proud To Bring You The Top GP Camargue On The Game,With My Fantastic Team  ~The Gardians~  Bringing The Camargue GP Up Every Month.  You Will Find Public Covering's Up From The Highest GP Im Willing To Release.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I'm Also A Proud Member Of The Top Gypsy Vanner Team The End Of Fayt                                                                                                                                                                                                       I'm   Also A Member Of Mapperley Stud, A Great Team Working On Improving The Paint Horse.                                                                                                                                                           Also Infinity & Challenge  Bring The Best PureBred  Spanish Horse To This Server, Hard Working Team Working Hard Daily To Improve The Breed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 That's It From Me, Feel Free To Message If You Need Any Help, I Except Friend Request's And Happy To Help In Lotto's Ect.  Have A Great Day Mate.