Breeding high GP, affordable Quarter Horses, when available they will be placed in the direct sales for your consideration.

No, I don't usually sell my horses, I keep them and age them out. Any covers or sales will be put out publicly.

I have a lot of ordinary horses I enter in comps to bump them through, hopefully I assist people in getting their blupping horses wins.

I am an adult player, but I don't bite, feel free to pm me if your parents are ok with it. I may not find time to answer all messages. 

I do accept friend requests, but impolite behaviour won't be tolerated. If you have not been online for more than 30 days I will delete you from the list.

I will buy some BM items, at the moment I'm mostly looking for 
Morpheus Arms
Zeus Lightning Bolt
Hera Pack

Will also consider
Golden Apples
Hypnos Blanket
Other breeding items 
Luck items

PM me with details of item and price/what you are hoping to trade for