My name is Emily,  I've been playing howrse for around 10 years on and off now and am still enjoying it. Feel free to send me a PM if you just want a chat about anything or want to buy one of my horses. I do accept most friend requests.


-At the moment I am focusing on my Mustang Uni breeding

-If you are trying to finish of your Mustang colours trophie, feel free to message me, I’m happy to gift a few of my uni fails to people not looking to turn a profit:)


-Golden and Silver Apple Horses/Unis: I'm always on the lookout for these! price will depend on coat and horse type.

-Morpheus Arms, Z-bolts, Aphrodite Tears, Harmony packs and Golden Apples  


-I no longer do Horse or BMI trades for horses I have for sale as I've tried in the past and it just hasn't worked out sorry. 

-Ridiculous offers for horses will be ignored eg; offering 2,000 for a horse worth 50,000+ 

- I am always BLUPing for my teams so if I ever accidentally jump in on your comps feel free to chuck me a PM and I’ll help fill :)

Thankyou for taking the time to read my page :)