Hey guys! I am Myst, and I have returned after a hiatus of a few years! 


On here I primarily breed 1000+ GP crossbreeds though I have been dabbling in breeding high star & GP Arabians and Mustangs. So far I am doing rather well! Working on purebred Misaki's as a side project!


The prices I sell horses at are typically non-negotiable. Begging and harassing for a lower price will not accomplish anything. I will from time to time make deals for a reasonable price, but deal making is a rare occurrence.


I love getting PMs, but please be respectful of the fact that I am not religious and view getting religious PMs as disrespectful. Also, please do not PM me if you are only planning on ranting about a Mod or Admins' decision on something. I am not a Mod or Admin and as such have no reason to be dragged into your disagreements with them. If you are under the age of 18 please ask for parents/guardian's permission to PM or add me as a friend.