Wanted to buy: M.Arms. Will pay 300,000e each in reserved trades. Thank you

I accept ALL random friend requests, handy when it comes time to help each other out with quests.


Hello and welcome to my page. I want to say a huge thank you to Hanae from International Howrse for kindly taking the time to make this amazing layout for me. My page has been bare for some time since all the uploads slowly were no longer suitable for display. If you are looking for a layout and like what you see, please get in touch with Hanae on International. Highly recommend :-D


I am an adult player, i have been playing Howrse for many years. I started on International Howrse but sadly my account was deleted due to inactivity. I have been playing AU Howrse since day one :-) Unfortunately my seniority was affected as i was without a computer for quite some time.
I live in SA, don't have my own real horse but did once years ago when i lived on property. Also had a mini shetland pony named Willow. Due to moving to a town house i had to find them good homes.
I have a jack russell dog named Bear, 4 cats named Izzy, Karma, Echo and Caspa and 4 rabbits name Darlin, Wilbur, Cashie and Tippy Toes. I am a total animal lover, would rather spend all my time with animals than people ;-) I enjoy movies, especially anything with Sandra Bullock. I am a mad McLeods Daughters FAN! I LOVE that series, and own all 8 seasons on dvd. I rewatch it often. My fav ep is Lover Come back.


My main focus here is my Mustangs, working on high GP comp mustangs and high gp foals. I don't play on a competitive basis. I just enjoy seeing the improvement as my Mustangs improve :-) My affix for them is "New Generation Charmed". I am working on collecting trophy's for the achievement section.
I also breed unicorns of all breeds, lets face it, it is all about luck lol. The affix for my unis is Drovers Dreamers.