Looking to buy x2 bras-morphee.png?1828806360Will  pay 300,000e for 2

WANTED TO BUY: Horses with companions. I am currently looking for horses with pet companions. Im after  KangarooKangarooCamel CamelBeecompagnon-abeille.png?8 Ladybugcompagnon-coccinelle.png?8Please msg me is you have any of these available. Thank you

Hello and Welcome to my page!
Where to start.....I am a huge fan of the Aussie series McLeods Daughters and am disappointed the series ended on at season 8. I own the whole series on dvd and watch it over and over. My favourite episode is Lover Come Back, where Becky gets sick of Jodie not working and reading letters over and over from her lover Alberto. Funny ep 855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png?730067386 I live in Australia. My fav colour is purple. I am an adult player and own 2 dogs Panda and Bear, 4 cats Ollie, Badger, Izzi, and Karma. I have 12 pure bred Dwarf Lop bunnies named,  Po, Kidlet, Juno, Blue, Rosie, Munchkin, Kiddo, Leroy, Moo, Simply Blue, and two kits which are un named atm. I also have 2 pure Netherland Dwarfs named Ezmee and Nettie. I breed and show my bunnies and work on improving their type

I am always looking to buy BM items, so if you have any for sale please feel free to pm me to negotiate a fair price 0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png?730067386 Happy Howrseing. 69dfdf4e6a7c8489262f9d8b9958c9b3.png?730067386horses.gif