About Me!!

 Hi Everyone!! My name is Sarah and I have been playing howrse on and off since grade 5!! I am now in grade 10 and loving it more than ever and getting quite high in the rankings, YAY!! I am a 14 year old Canadian girl but have lived in Australia since I was 9! I am well travelled and have also lived in Indonesia and been to 5 or 6 of the 7 continents! Throughout my life time, wow makes me sound so old!, I have only owned 2 animals plus a heap of fish! My dog's name was Kira, from Star Trek, and my cat's name is Otto. I have had many, many fish and quite a few tales to go with them, but I wont mention them all now! When I grow up I really want to live on a farm with at least one horse and many other animals! Feel free to PM me! I am always up for a chat about your animals, where you have been and whatever other crazy things we end up discussing!!! Happy howrsing ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png?730067386

Selling/Trading/Looking for...

I am always looking to sell or trade my black market items because I never end up using them!! If you would like to check out a list of my items just shoot me a message and we can see what deal we end up with!

I am officially selling unicorns to gain more money as I find I run out quickly due to the costs of covering them!! The price of the unicorn with vary depending on the breed of the uni, the gender of the foal you want and how lucky I get in having it! I will discuss prices through PM because I haven't quite decided myself yet 568c3842c2bcbdd03b18b49a3284e7d5.png?730067386

Also selling donkeys of any coat colour and gender for one pass or a selected BMI!!

I am currently looking for almost all of the fifth element coats excluding the wind one. I am also looking for bewitched pumpkin coats excluding the skeleton and bat one. I will pay with passes, equus (once I acquire more), BMI and unicorns. 






All my male horses, unicorns and pegasus' are available for private coverings no matter what their blipping stance. I offer coverings publicly with all my fully blupped males daily, very few of which are used, for 1000e! Unicorn coverings will be 1500e once I get my male foals blupped!!

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