I accept all friend requests

Heya! My name is Star, I'm an adult player and I've been playing since I was a teenager. I had another account pre-2012, but it disappeared. I don't remember my old user ID, but I started using the affix 'Goddess' Legacy' there, with about half a dozen TB's. These days, I have several different breeding projects on the go. (I must be crazy, lol!) If you're curious about what I'm working on, just click on an affix - the description pages should tell you everything you want to know. 

I don't sell horses with Golden apple coats or other BMI's on request. Generally, the horses that I'm willing to sell will already be in the sales. You can make a request for any without BMI's and I'll let you know if I'm willing to sell. 

I will breed TB or Marwari uni foals on request for equus, starting at 50,000e. If you already have a uni mare of those breeds, I usually have coverings available in the public forum for 500e and up. (PM me if there's none left and I'll add more.)

Why are my Uni foal prices so high? 

  1.   Unicorn foals are rare and hard to breed. There's only a 1 in 5 chance of a foal being born as a unicorn. 
  2.   Unicorn foals are regularly sold for passes, (not equus) by most players. 
  3.   You will be getting a foal bred from top quality parents. I always fully BLUP all horses and unicorns before breeding them, and try to increase IBS regularly in my bloodlines which takes a lot of time, patience, BMI's and work. 
  4.   You'll be getting a foal with a minimum of 20*, IBS of at least 200 and a GP somewhere around 700+. [To compare, my first uni Gaia cost me passes, has only 1* and a GP of 421.6. I've put in a ton of work since then, which you will ultimately be profiting from.

river bend stables is a friend of mine who works primarily with (many) different breeds of unicorns. (One of my earliest uni foals was brought by them.) They asked me to put up this banner for anyone looking to buy unicorn foals, so please PM them once they're off hiatus if you're interested!