Hi all!

As you can tell, my name is Stacey, and I am a 22 year old female from Australia. I am a big horse fanatic, and animal lover in general. 

I've now had the chance to get back into riding, and have had the chance to work with young horses both under the saddle and on the ground, and have been able to welcome several little foals into the world! I've been incredibly lucky to be able to work with a Friesian stallion, who is truly stunning! In my avatar, I'm on a 2yr old Hanoverian x Friesian called Yassi, and it was her very first ride! She has an absolutely fantastic temperament, and she was perfect!

If you have any questions about the game, don't hesitate to message me, and I will help wherever possible. If I cannot, I can certainly point you in the right direction.

Happy Howrsing!


I will no longer be accepting random friend requests!

Please don't message me asking for horses at a ridiculous price! In the past few weeks, I have received several messages asking for several of my good horses for an absurd rate, and I will no longer tolerate it.


I will not be selling any of my horses, especially any GA or 5th Element coats, unless they are in the sales, or are mentioned in the below post. Please don't ask, as I will be forced to block you. I will also ignore any messages asking for a horse, pony or unicorn at a ridiculous price, and if you do persist, I will also block you.

With that out of the way, I do occasionally sell horses in the direct sales. They will either be uni rejects, which will vary in price in accordance to their coat's rarity, or they will be unicorn mares or stallions. These unicorns will vary in breed, depending on how many unicorn mares I have of that particular breed. My fixed prices for unicorn mares will be a 500e and 1 pass minimum, and unicorn stallions will generally be in the sales for 80 000e. 

I am also selling any rare duplicate coats in the sales, and prices on these will vary, depending on the rarity, gender and whether or not they are unicorns. Head to my sales to check them out, and I will be updating them wherever possible.

Horses Currently For Sale:

I have now designated a breeding farm solely for the horses for sale. All horses that are available for sale will be located in either the Sales tab.

If a horse isn't in this tab, they aren't for sale! I will not accept any offers for any other horses, so if you message me asking, you will receive a warning message back, if you persist, I will block you.

Thank you for understanding these conditions