Survey: Sushi Bar


The Sushi Bar has closed due to running out of Mochi and Soy Sauce. We hope everyone had fun in this Japanese themed blast event!

With the Sushi Bar closed, we would like to gather your thoughts and feedback about the event. Below is a series of questions you can rate: what was good in the event, what can be improved? Ratings are from 1 the lowest rating to 10 being the highest.

We always appreciate your feedback, but please remember the forum rules and keep it constructive!

Thank you for your time and feedback!


The Howrse Team
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Loved this event! Except for fragments - I just don't see the point if it is not possible to get close to getting the divine from the event alone.
Epona's Song
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Epona's Song wrote:

Loved this event! Except for fragments - I just don't see the point if it is not possible to get close to getting the divine from the event alone.

I got 948 fragments and used the TC in my inventory to get the divine. So I was happy to get all those fragments.default smiley (y)

Got 90 other prizes as well.default smiley :d
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The game itself was fun, however, the fragments yet again ruined it for me. I only got 360, nowhere near enough to get the divine, and I didn't use any passes because of the risk of winning a few measly fragments. I used to buy passes to finish every promo but I don't even bother playing them properly now because of the fragments.
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Loved this event, I only had 220 fragments to go.
JJ Horses
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the event was good and I loved the gifts I got. I think you should give us more time for the
events but apart from that, it was good. default smiley :)
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I liked that the first explosion of the day was free. It helped achieve purple box ~ which can be impossible to in some scenarios. However, some items in the purple box weren't necessarily that different from items in the common box. Regardless, I am contented with the gifts received from this event!

I haven't got sushi, but it would have been great if sushi's name was Nigiri instead of... Sushi - a kind of sushi that is more accurate to what the horse sushi is default smiley :p as there are many kinda of sushis with different names in a sushi bar. Would show ~ a bit ~ more cultural knowledge if the names of the sushi's in the bar had been provided default smiley ^)

Nevertheless, I had tons of fun, it's a game requiring more strategic approach and I like it!
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Overall I liked this event and the prizes were good as well. Got Namazu twice. I went through all the crystal and gold chests and pretty sure I only prize I didn't get out of the whole list was spurs default smiley :)
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The prizes were really good here. I was a bit annoyed because I did get really close to winning the ear bonnet but didn't quite, but it might just be luck of the draw.

With the fragments, I would like the option to trade them in for other things. They were a bit annoying for me because I never get close to the divine. However I know some people collect them, so don't get rid of them completely.
default smiley :)
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I am glad the event is over because I can get a couple of days play without all the lag and slowing issues. Please can you give us at least 1 week without an event. It would just be so nice to get on and play and not have all these other things going on default smiley :)
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Thank you everyone for your feedback on the event! default smiley (ow)
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