Survey: Ikebana

The Ikebana Event

A wonderful time was had by all during the Ikebana. We created so many different floral arrangements. What did you create?

Now that the time for Ikebana has come to an end, we would like to hear your thoughts. Tell us what you liked, what didn’t, what you think could improve the event.

In addition, please rate the Ikebana contest via the poll below. With this survey, we’d also like to know if the tester’s tips were helpful.

Warm wishes,

The Howrse Team
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Wouldn't really call this an "all-new" contest - t's just a variation of the potions contest.

Ikebana was pretty to look at, but not much fun to play.

I liked the new companion. Very pretty.
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It was alright. It was very easy to play, and I'm glad that the companion was doable, but there wasn't much to do other than log on every once in a while and click around. It would be interesting if we had maybe a quest or two each day to earn bonus components or something. As always, the graphics were wonderfully designed! I loved the look of the flowers and the new companion. All in all, it was not bad by any means, but it was mildly boring.
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Pretty darn boring.

I'm glad, as arabianmaster said, that we could get the top prize, without having to purchase extra flowers (provided you logged in most days). However, I'm a little sad that the top prize was not a Divine, as it was usually.

The graphics were okay. The flowers were nice.

And as Ruby~ said, it was very similar to the potions. At least it has the up side of you not stressing about whether you'll be able to collect your potion before the event is over. However, considering how long it takes for the flower bars to refill, that seems to take the place of that problem.

It would be really nice, if we have the same flowers next time Ikebana rolls round (if it does) that any flowers we still had were in our inventory or something.
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Personally, I was happy to have something that didn't take a lot to do, but still had a great return. I have enough trouble finding the time to play my game how I like to play it default smiley :p
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I liked the pace, it was nice not to have to log in repeatedly to get flowers so the meter didn't fill up... the prizes were ok, I think I ended up with the companion, an ow's helios ray and Hestia's gift plus a couple of minor things... didn't bother crafting for the dust for the devine only crafted for prizes.
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Glad that everything on the list was possible to get without spending a single penny.

The Hestia's gift in the prize pool was amazing default smiley (7) I really need those & they are not usually very obtainable in events.

Managed to get two Hestias gift & the companion once. So I got a good amount for what I paid (a little bit because I was not patient enough to wait for my last Hestias gift lol)

One of the only disappointing facts of the contest was that the divine was separate from the actual event itself. I don't really agree with that.
magic pony
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VERY good, but would be more fun if a little more interactive. But dont change anything else!!!!!!!
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Quite adored the artwork for this promotion.
Companion Shika is gorgeous.

magic pony wrote:

One of the only disappointing facts of the contest was that the divine was separate from the actual event itself.

This would be my one complaint too however.
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look Im kinda disappointed that the Divine was seperate from the event like what's the point in the event if the divine isn't even part of it

also while it was pretty to look at there wasn't much else to it it was just drag and drop which isnt all that fun
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Loved the Hestia's Gift! I didn't see the point of the companion - pretty, but it doesn't do much.
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