Hike in France!

Hike in France

The Hike event is back with a new location — France!

Move forward and counter obstructions in your path using cards. Along the way, find many gifts in the road.

Choose to stay on the same path or switch to another one if you see an interesting gift, divine fragments, or a clear path— it’s up to you!

How to get tokens

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You can get the tokens to hike through the event with the means listed below.

  • At first connection (5 per day)

  • Taking rides with your horses (5 per day)

  • By registering your horses for competitions (5 per day)

  • By finding them on the game board

  • By completing a collection

  • By buying them with passes


Jackpot #1 - Chocolatine (Female)

Jackpot #2 - Chocolate Croissant (Male)

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Chocolatine: You can win Chocolatine by reaching the end of the contest (No divine fragments needed).

Chocolate croissant: You can win Chocolate croissant thanks to divine fragments that can be found inside the Golden Fleece or all along the road in the contest.

Changes to this edition

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  • Players are not able to shuffle cards, but instead they will always have the ability to switch lanes (for 2 tokens)

    • Players will be able to get divine fragments on the board and at each milestone

New: Testers' tips

Inside the spoiler below, learn some tips that some of our testers suggest using for the contest.We would like to say, ” thank you,” to the players listed below and those to the other testers who also gave their tips.

Apple Rosa (INT)
stubborn.skewbald (INT)
ninou nina 12 (FR)
Nhayade (FR)
trakifan (DE)
icebaby_ak (INT)
KleineMarie (FR)
Spyder (INT)
DynaStar (FR)

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  • We found out that it should be possible to get Chocolatine for free, if you always try to save up tokens.

  • Always move to free spaces and avoid the to obstacles where possible

  • Prefer path with a lot of tokens

  • Use the switch card on checkpoint lanes to gather all gifts

  • Make sure you get all the tokens you can from rides and competition entries.

  • Think carefully about your next move

  • Wait until the end of the event and collect fragments throughout the event, it makes it so much cheaper.

  • If you want the Divine I would wait until you collected all the Divine fragments first before opening the fleece.

  • Take your time, start each day by collecting tokens (5 rides, enter 5 competitions…) this will help you get nice gifts without spending passes.

  • Sometimes it’s better to lose 1 move on a 3 moves card (cost: 1 token) instead of using two 1 move cards for 1 token each.

  • Some obstacles can be avoided by more than one option. It is better to choose the option that is specific to the obstacle so that you have more flexibility

  • Always log in and collect the tokens if you want to get close to the divine/get good BMI's

  • If you are going for chocolate croissant then it’s worth getting all the fragments from the hike, especially with the x2 multiplier from the community objective, you may not have to spend on so many fleeces.

  • Take all fragments, if you like to have the special horse

  • Try to keep going in a straight path. This way, you don’t use up as many tokens! The trick is to pick the path that has the least number of obstacles!

  • If you are not targeting the Divine horse, do not hesitate to switch lanes to get gifts, going farther does not necessary mean getting better gifts.

  • It is possible to get all 3 gifts at the checkpoint by using the sideways movement but you must time your steps so you land on that checkpoint step where all the prizes are given. So do not select a step option that will take you past the checkpoint.

  • If you are interested in bm item rather than the divine, use the object that allow you to change paths when there are multiple bm items on a row.

  • If possible, move to the lane with least obstacles

  • Don’t be tempted to switch lanes to grab a token that is in it, depending on the obstacles in that lane it may not be worth it.

  • Do not forget to gather free tokens every day!

  • You get 15 tokens every day and there are some good prizes on the hike. Enjoy

Have fun hiking through France,

The Howrse Team
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jillaroo94 wrote:

So now I have a useless Chocolatine and no passes. Not happy Howrse

Who knows. Howrse may release the males next year. It can happen.

Cjcj wrote:

But for the chocolate croissant you could only get 15 points each try roughly

We all get the multiplier so the average is from 11 to 19 fragments but this is x 2 so 22 to 38 is what you should expect.
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Haha, wish I knew how many fragments were in the golden fleeces before I used them. Howrse sure loves their gambling models default smiley (y) Suck us in with half a set and watch us squirm for the whole default smiley xd
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This is the first event on Howrse that I've actually managed to get the Divine on, and while I didn't get Chocolate Croissant in the Golden Fleece I managed to get 208 fragments in it, which when doubled and added to the fragments I won through the event got me him anyway!
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I have only 80 kms to go to get chocolatine but used up all my tokens now default smiley :(
grey fern stud
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@Freehold - yeah but a maximum of 19 points (x2) is still very pathetic, especially considering the price of a golden fleece. I was expecting 30-50 fragments standard then multiplied by 2 default smiley (8)
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I was getting as little as 9 fragments from the Golden Fleece default smiley (n) These Divine Fragments are the single BIGGEST ripoff Howrse has come up with so far!!

Yes, finally we get a Divine thru a Promo without costing us any passes, terrific hey, a useless stinking Pastry Divinedefault smiley :@
josey jojo
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I only had to spend 180 passes to get the female one I think That was great price I dont care about about getting the male one at the moment if you dont get many fragments in a GF You get more in a TC and HOP
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Though I have found the actual French Hike promo pretty decent, as it's easy, not all that time consuming, and has quite a few good prizes, I'd have to agree, that the amount of divine fragments received is a bit pathetic. I've got on average 15 per fleece (30 with the bonus). 15 fragments for 200 passes is just ridiculous.
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The Golden Fleece is complete and utter rubbish. I bought one and I got 10 fragments. 10. While I did get Chocolatine, she will rot away in my breeding farm as I will not be wasting my passes on such awful fragment outputs.

For something that costs 200 passes, it will end up being just as expensive with the extremely ridiculous amount of fragments being given out. Disgusting!
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jillaroo94 wrote:

@Freehold - yeah but a maximum of 19 points (x2) is still very pathetic, especially considering the price of a golden fleece. I was expecting 30-50 fragments standard then multiplied by 2 default smiley (8)

That is why I restarted the Hike. I got a bunch more fragments ( over 100) and spending 90P for tokens turned out a lot cheaper than spending 200P on GFs.

Like everything else we have to weigh the cost of one vs the other.

The next promo will be a nice one as we can craft our own gifts.
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