Our newest feature changes are here!

Today’s update

As we begin this new season, we are happy to bring some new aspects to the game, which includes a new layout for the homepage! Find out what they are through the summary below or directly from the change-log.

New feature: Divine Fragments

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Divine dust is now transformed into and replaced by the Divine fragments! Why did we change them, and what has changed?

We wanted to simplify and improve the system in place for unlucky players.

Now, when a special horse is hiding within a luck item, it brings divine fragments with it. If you don’t have the chance to win the special horse on your first try, you will get its divine fragments instead.

To obtain the special divine horse on offer, you will need to obtain 1,000 of its divine fragments. Each special horse will have its own fragments, and when a special horse is inside a luck item, you can win the fragments for that horse only.

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New aspects: Fragments stay!

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The divine dust would leave when the offer was completed. With our new divine fragments, they will no longer disappear.

Your progression through each special horse’s fragments isn’t lost anymore.They are kept even if the horse you wanted is no longer within that luck item anymore. You can continue your progress with the gauge untouched when that special horse appears in a luck item again (any of the luck items).

You can see the fragments you have through a gauge located under the special horses’ names through the special horse page.

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Gauge Completion

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From now on, you can complete each special horses’ divine fragment gauge over and over again, as many times as you like. Tip: Even if you win the special horse from the luck item it is hiding it.

When you gain the requisite 1,000 divine fragments for a special horse, you will receive the associated special horse and the gauge will start at the beginning.

When you get the divine from the luck item, the gauge also goes back to the beginning as well.

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Warm Regards,
The Howrse Team
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This seems like a much nicer system. Great improvement!
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can the meter be filled up more than once? i ask again because the answer is not appropriate. if i fill up a whole meter during 2 events, does the meter reset and i can try again next event?
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vᴇɢᴀs wrote:

can the meter be filled up more than once?

Yes, you can keep refilling the gauge for the divine specified. Any remaining fragments carries over to the next time that particular divine is offered again.
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Love the divine fragment change. Shame it wasn't like that from the start as I wasted a heck of a lot of passes on them! But I am very glad the change has finally been made, making it seem like less of a waste to try one or two luck items without committing to potentially filling the full metre within one event (although it'll probably be at least a year before the same divines return in luck items).

However, I dislike the home page change. Mainly because I simply don't like change, especially unnecessary change. It'll take time getting used to it, although I rarely ever see the home page anyway.
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I love the new Dust Change but for some reason, I don't like the fact that the Fragments are specific to one horse.
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I dislike the new homepage layout. It's unnecessary change and I don't think it's visually appealing, nor making the homepage more efficient. I would've appreciated a trial option for players to see if they want to change to the new feature or not.
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were do we see the fragments when we have some ?
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TattyTeddy wrote:

were do we see the fragments when we have some ?

On the special horses' page, when you go to the particular horse you are collecting fragments for...
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I agree, with others. DIslike the new home page. I don't like the latest promo front and centre right in my face, when my horses are tiny right down the bottom of the page. Much preferred the old layout...is it possible for it to be changed for us to have a choice on the layout we want.- that would be good.

I also like that the divine fragments that we receive during a promo, will carry over until the next time that divine is offered again. Not sure a waste of money if you spend some passes, but don't manage to get the divine instead of losing them and having to start again next time. Though I do suspect that we will be earning less fragments per each item opened/used now, so will take more to get the divine in the end.
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default smiley :(default smiley :(default smiley :(:that is sad
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This new divine dust is a waste of time and the chance of winning the jackpot has become so small it is really not worth it.

I have just opened 7 TC;s - EVERY one failed on level 2.

I HATE the TC;s and GF;s
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I have spent $85 New Zealand dollars on trying to win Horus in the golden fleeces.
I only have filled the meter up to 91 points....default smiley xd
Thats the excuse I was looking for to stop spending money on this game. I hope others will do the same as me default smiley (y)
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