Survey: Egg Decorations

We have decorated our last colored egg, and now would like to take some time to gather your thoughts and opinions. What did you like, what do you feel needs improvement.

Remember all posts must be constructive and adhere to all guidelines.

In addition, we kindly ask that you take a few extra moments to fill out the survey below on the five points listed. We appreciate all feedback given.

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Well I have to say this was FUN. Visually very pleasing and game play easy to follow. Great to be able to pick what you wanted to win. I actually spent lots of time deciding how to decorate my eggs, which was fun to do. The following list is what I won

1 x Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte
1 x 3*** Classical Saddle
1 x Artemis' Arrow
6 x Carrot x 50
1 x Violet and white 2** Classical saddle
4 x Flax seeds x 1000
2 x Hen
2 x Achilles' Heel
1 x Rabbit
1 x 50,000 equus
1 x Aphrodite's Tears
1 x Ostrich
9 x Chronos' Timer
1 x Magic Hat
3 x Hera's Pack
1 x Titan's Challenge
1 x Divine fragment x 50
1 x Black Forest Cake
Not a bad haul at all.
It did however cost a bit in passes to reach the goal of winning both Divines. I haven't worked it out fully the cost but I feel the prizes I won would be close to the value I spent in passes. I still feel that HOWRSE is being over the top with the cost of these events but at least you could get 1 Divine from this event without having to use passes.

I hope everyone got some goodies from this event and most of all had fun HOWRSING around default smiley ;)

Cheers to you all default smiley :d
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It was great to have the choice of choosing the prize, I really liked this option. I did not do as well as AngelFace67, but then I did not spend on passes, and was happy with the options I chose.
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I think the thing that let this contest down was the size of some of the decorations. The larger eggs mostly ended up looking very cluttered. Other than that I was happy with the prizes I got, and the simplicity of play, and the creativity of decorating default smiley 8-)
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I was happy with the prizes I got but trying to get the second divine was a bit over the top 1000 extra passes was ridiculous. It was not possible to get the second divine without spending so many passes.
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Sorry I meant 1000 divine fragments
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I liked the ability to choose the prizes in this promo, though I really don't like having to forgo other prizes to collect divine fragments. I also noticed the absence of the two divines for sale that are usually present in the flash sales.

Other positives:
- No time constraints; could wait until the last weekend to decorate all eggs
- Easy to collect daily shapes/lines/figures
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