Let’s decorate some eggs!

Egg Decoration!

It’s a new season, flourishing with brightly colored eggs everywhere! We want our Howrse community to enjoy beautifying them in our Egg Decoration event!

Until 23/04/2019 14:00, choose an egg from the three different egg sizes and five color variations.

How to play?

Reference tip: In the image below you can see how the main contest page is laid out. Each number corresponds to the legend on the right of the picture.

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This contest is based on how our holiday tree decorating event worked. Gather decorations, choose an egg, and add decorations.

Reference tip: In the image below you can see how the main contest page is laid out. Each number corresponds to the legend on the right of the picture.

Choosing your egg

Sizes: There are three total sizes of eggs, which are: little, big, and very big. Only the small eggs will be available at the beginning, but you will unlock the other sizes by completing your eggs’ decoration.

Colors: Each size of egg has 5 color variations that each offer different prizes

Time to decorate

There are three kinds of decorations: shapes, lines, and figures. Each type has a few different variations.

Reference tip: In the image below you can learn about the interface layout for your egg’s decorating page.

How do you get them? Glad you asked, listed below is how you can gather them to use on your eggs.

Upon your first login of the day you’ll get 3 lines per day

Taking your horses for rides will give you 4 shapes each day

Register your horses in competitions to get 4 figures every day

Buy them: with passes or through the Flash Sales

Community Goal

Decorate enough eggs to fill in the community gauge that will unlock a third egg slot for all players server-wide.

How to win the jackpot: new Pastry divines

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Collect enough Divine Fragments from decorated eggs to get our newest Pastry divine horses Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (male) and Black Forest Cake (female)

Share your eggs!

There is a “My egg” page that will display all of your egg creations along with the gifts given for their completion. You will be able to quickly share them on social networks thanks to the new download button.

The download button will automatically create a square shaped asset of your egg with the following hashtag label already applied to it. #EasterHowrse

Hint: Share your creation on Instagram using the #EasterHowrse to have a chance to win a divine horse!

Frequently Asked Questions

Happy decorating,

The Howrse Team
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Actually extremely happy with this event & prizes. Got the divine & only had to spend 285 on passes but last purchase I only needed the 1 shape so have left overs.


1x Black Forest Cake Divine
1x Ploutos' Parchment
20x Mash
1000 x Flax Seeds
1x Hen
1x Hypnos Blanket
1x Achilles' Heels
1x Rabbit
1x Vintage Apple
2x Helios Ray
3x Ostrich
30 x Divinge Fragment
2x Poseidons Pack
2x Harmony Pack
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Going to just miss getting this divine literally 700-800 with a half finished egg wish there was more time default smiley :'( really liked this event
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