Survey: Forgotten Country

Forgotten Country

We’ve found so many territories so they’re no longer forgotten. We would like to take this opportunity to gain your thoughts and opinions regarding the contest through constructive posts.

Additionally, please participate in the short poll below to rate the five different categories. Keep in mind that the choices range from one to ten where one represents the worse score and ten the best score.

We appreciate the time each of you take from your gameplay when answering this survey.

Warmest Wishes,

The Howrse Team
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I enjoyed it except for the fact that the 4 star chests were far too rare
I had to soend a lot of passes to get the final chest I needed and then had well over 200 tiles over that is a ridiculous percentage
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Yay,I got nowhere!
I only got so far on the main one with the divine (Im desperate for them) I had a gazillion tiles but,most of the time most of them did not match.
Worst part is I only got tiles I dont need? What is happening Howrse,how come I only get stuff I dont need,I need answers.
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Oh and plus,whenever the crystal/diamond chest landed on the horn of plenty,it just suddenly sped up?????....What is happening

Howrse please dont bring this back again.
Mah mind is confused,maybe improve this until it seems to be good again,until then keep using the events that seem to please.(Even picky people like me lol)
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I would have liked to have rated this better, I mean nice new concept and all that but, in the end it was just another exercise in having our divine hopes dashed in the cruelest of ways
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I enjoyed the low time commitment, it was nice that you could save up on tiles and either trade them or put them where you wanted them. I'm still not a fan of the chest gimmick but it was okay as an on the side thing. Since I wasn't aiming for the divine I got a few nice things out of this. Overall I quite liked this promo.

Layout was the biggest problem, it was unwieldy to scroll around the map and sometimes didn't work properly.
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