[UPDATED] Player Held Contests - Rules

Player Contest Rules Clarification

We’ve received feedback from Moderators and the communities on multiple Howrse games requesting clarification of the rules for player hosted contests and giveaways, specifically with offering horses as prizes.

Addendum: We've updated this thread to be in sync with the rules recap thread posted last week.

Current rules

We allow players to host contests and giveaways according to the following rules:

  • You cannot require entrance fees or donations

  • You can give in-game prizes (Only those which can be done via the gifting options already within the game)

  • You cannot give Equus or passes as prizes

  • You do not have to give prizes

  • Your contest can only be posted on your presentation page or in your EC forum.

Review of rules

Some players want to offer horses as prizes and would like to know if this is allowed. We reviewed contests held on each version, and we identified the following:

On some versions, it has not been allowed for horses to be used as prizes; since the game does not include a tool for gifting horses. Selling a horse to a player costs them a fee to gain their prize. This falls within the Item and Pass Trafficking rules that are not allowed.

##UPDATED: Rule changes

As a compromise, we will allow players to offer horses as prizes so long as the cost of the horse is the minimum amount that can be set - 500e. Since this is also considered a private agreement between players, we will not support these transactions. Contests are entered at your own risk and it is up to the contest holders to deliver the promised prizes.

In addition to the contest rules mentioned above, we have added the following:

- You can offer a horse as a prize provided the cost does not exceed 500 Equus.
- The horse offered as a prize can have Black Market items.
- Contest holders can ask but not require that participants re-post their contest banners.

We no longer allow you to offer horses as prizes as there is no mechanism in the game to gift a horse to another player for free.

Players who do not follow the rules are exposed to sanctions. For any questions, we encourage you to ask us directly via "Contact Us."

Last Updated: 03/30/2018


The Howrse Team
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By Retired breeder, 28th March 2018 19:20:45
The crossed out text is that the change permitted or is it against the rules as the text are crossed out.
The crossed out text means it's no longer permitted.
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Hello everyone,

I've added a line to the original post to help clarify. As of now, we're not allowing horses to be prizes in any giveaways because there is no method to gift a horse for free. This conflicts with the other giveaway rules that state you can only give prizes that can be gifted in the game.

There is no way to give another player a horse for free. The ability to give horses as prizes was an exception that not all other servers enjoyed. As we're making an effort to bring them all in-line with one another, we are removing this exception.

If you have a horse-prize contest in progress you can either a.) change the prize now and inform the contestants. b.) risk the sanction and finish the contest as planned.

We will certainly take into consideration if the contest began before we updated these rules. However, if you decide to risk a sanction to give away one last horse, I recommend that you do it right now and do not wait until the contest was scheduled to end (especially if it is after April 10).

IMPORTANT NOTE: the 'sanction' for giving away a single horse in a giveaway is NOT an instant ban. It would be treated as a trafficking offense.

Thanks again for your understanding and feedback.

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By Retired breeder, 30th March 2018 19:51:33
ZOwey thank you for the clarification. I never did any of these contest because it was against the rules.
I've seen a player calling their 'giveaway' a 'Barn Sale' as to avoid sanction, they're being quite clear that it isn't a giveaway per se but a way to win a horse at 500e (not sure how to explain it. I'm sure you understand anyway)
They have also stated that this method is mod-approved but this is all before the updated rules.

As long as we don't call it a giveaway, can we still host such events under a more accurate name?
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