[FT] GA/HR Gallery

<center><font color=green>There's nothing like coming across that special combination of coat and background that look like they were made for each other.
Here you can feel free to show off <b>your own</b> horses (from this server only, please) with GA/HR combinations that you feel are deserving . default smiley :)
(Bewitched Pumpkin, 5th Element and Seal of the Apocalypse coats are also fine.)

Please use the [Info] How to create a link thread if you need help with creating a clickable link in the forums. default smiley ;)</font>

<font color=red><b>--Please note that the regular forum rules still apply. There is to be no advertising of any kind in this thread and all players are to be treated with respect at all times. We will not hesitate to lock this thread if it is abused--</font></b>

<font color=green>Have fun!</font>
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I've been doing a few combos and these ones I've really liked

Heal Me Kill Me

I've been waiting to use the name Heal Me Kill Me for months, I figured that coat and background suited well.
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Love those!
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Quite proud of this one! default smiley :)
Waking Up The Giants
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This one's pretty simple but I love the colours and the light.
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