[Info] Blup and training tips

This thread is intended to help those who are having problems training/blupping their horses and to help streamline any training methods which possibly need tweaking.
If you have any training programs that have worked for you, please feel free to post. Knowledge shared is knowledge learned default smiley ;)

BLUP - Best Linear Unbiased Prediction

Why is BLUP so important?
BLUP is a genetic indicator. It plays a role in reproduction because the BLUP of the parents has an impact on the potential of the foal at birth. The higher the blup, the better quality foals will be reproduced, therefore the best quality foals will be produced from 100blupped parents.

Basics of blup - any horse
~ Horse to have top 3 GP skills bolded. This is done by training, rides and entering competitions that coincide with those skills.
~ Horse to win 20 comps - any combination
~ Horse to be at least 10 years old.

In terms of points gained for blup:
All foals are born with around -100blup. This means they need to gain a full 200 points to achieve +100blup
~ Your horse gets 130 points for completed training in its best three gp skills, this includes rides and comps., the skill must go bold before this requirement is met.
~ 40 points for reaching the age of 10
~ 30 points for winning 20 competitions.
All these points are gained over time a little each day until your horse reaches 100

Training tips for specific breeds are welcome
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By Retired breeder, 14th July 2011 10:38:58
ok...so i have a QH ,curio,all her bars are full..how do i do all the rides ?and how do i know the best discilpne to compete my horses in??default smiley :)
By Retired breeder, 14th July 2011 11:01:52
Scariest moment of my life - the page said 10:59 after I covered my mare so I thought that I had missed Uni cover time - but then I double checked in Financial history -

"14 july 2011 20:58:59"...

One second later and I would've wasted a whole pass on an F. Wand...
xcantab here are my thoughts. I usually enter a few (3 - 5) of each comps and see which one/s the horse does best at and go from there if I'm having trouble.

As for rides if you click on a ride length you will notice there is a skill gain. Keep doing the ride until there is no gain.

PaP - so lucky! did you get it?

eaglespirit - I tried your method and it worked perfectly for my uni! I followed it and got the 20 wins by the time I was done! Thanks a lot it is really helpfuldefault smiley ^)
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By Retired breeder, 14th July 2011 12:10:28
ahh yes it is working!thanks HW26!default smiley :-))
By Retired breeder, 14th July 2011 21:35:55
Yeah and it was a Uni, too, HW!!! (Male Uni twins) default smiley :o I must have a semi-heart attack more often. default smiley :p

What breed was it, HW?

I just don't like doing rides after training/comps because I always run out of time before 10 years old, plus I can't keep up with how long it'll take default smiley :$
PaP, well done! Twins and all good job.

Do you mean the horse I bluped with eaglespirit's technique? If do it was Wrath Of Fire my second best uni.

He was bluped by 11yr 6months (becasue I'd started a little bit without the routine)
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I usually do training in dressage and speed first(And have started rides), then maybe in another area required in the comps I intend to enter the horse in(only if my horse is bad at it) then I just enter a whole heap of competitions,because surely your horse is bound to win at least one if you enter many comps! When entering comps I enter in the lowest skill level so long as a horse that has alot of bms isn't already entered. After 20 wins I finish rides and top 3 skills training.
After I have gotten 100 blup, if I haven't already trained the rest of the skills I do so, and I continue on with lessons and companion skill earning if the companion still gives them.And of course I enter comps and breed!
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By Retired breeder, 15th July 2011 10:28:47
I've been entering as many comps as possible with my Hanoverian mare (@ the moment she's called BLUPing don't stomp). I've only been 'seriously' working on her BLUP for a few days; I'm not a pass buyer so I can't get many BM items. Therefore, she's only had a few wins.
Does anyone have a method for comp winning? I'm in no hurry to BLUP her, she'll only be bred twice at the most anyway.
@SunsetAcres - If you are in no hurry it is easy. Work out whcih kind of races she has won the most of (there may be a couple). Then enter those races. Check the lowest skill races and enter them along with uner 20 wins comps. If there is another horse/s then chack out them and if they look better skill, blup and bm wise to your horse don't enter the race.
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By Retired breeder, 15th July 2011 22:25:51
Hello all!
My foundation Welsh mare Toscana has got her wins, she's over ten, training's finished, but none of her skills have bolded.
Should I keep doing rides (gallop), or should I do something other than that?
By Retired breeder, 16th July 2011 00:06:14
@OakleafPony you need to finish all skill gain in rides and competitions. This will bold her skills.

You are very welcome. Has it worked?
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By Retired breeder, 16th July 2011 12:56:10
Other reasons why WoYs rule:

More box time = more Tubs of Grease and chances of getting free bonus items.
By Retired breeder, 17th July 2011 18:46:57
I read in some answer in the Game Play forum that inbreeding has nothing to account for in this game.

I must have been mistaken then.

In the swedish version I have been for over 200 days and everyone that is in the "hunt" for high GP always inbreed - sieblings to eachother, son on mother, father on daughter and so on......

I tought that if one inbreed one gets higher GP on the offspinrg....is this not correct ??
By Retired breeder, 18th July 2011 00:03:45
Usually I follow the following method:
- find out what competition my horse/pony is best for
- train him only in his second highest skills, which should be utilized in that competition
- enter in lowest possible comps
- after I've gotten 20 wins, train him in his highest skill
- bold all three
By Retired breeder, 21st July 2011 09:44:27
Yes it has worked!
I've just got to bold her skills, then I'm done!
Well done Sunset Arces. once you have the wins you are all set because that is the hardest part because you aren't guaranteeded to win every comp so it could take anywhere between 20 and 1,000,000 + comps to get those wins.default smiley ;) Bit exagerated, I know default smiley (lol)
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By Retired breeder, 22nd July 2011 08:29:32
@HorseWhisperer26 and everyone else who responded to my post!

Toscana is now fully BLUPed!
She already has two foals by nice stallions; the colt has completed foal games, and the filly hasn't started yet.
Thankyou for your help!default smiley :)
@OakleafPony - You're welcome. Well done on successful bluping! Good luck with the foalsdefault smiley ;)
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I suppose saying the easiest way to win comps are fillers when the horse is young
wild 'n' free
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Yes that is quite possible Wild. And sussing out opponents and skill level before entering help. Try for the lowest skill comps you can enter.
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By Retired breeder, 22nd July 2011 21:54:04
I find that it is helpful to do all training other than dressage first, that way if at the end of the day your horse has, say 26% energy left, not enough to do one more stamina or whatever you are training him for, then you can at least do 30mins of dressage.
Oh idiot want comp bonuses use box instead of meadow in my program which is on the 1st page.

To get extra energy. Use a shower, Grand Prix fountain and turnips and a.pack
wild 'n' free
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By Retired breeder, 26th July 2011 23:00:54
I've found that the best BM items for BLUPing are Chronos' Timer & WoY.
Does anyone else use others a lot?
By Retired breeder, 29th July 2011 07:00:00
Does anyone know a good BLUPPING program for french trotters?
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