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The purpose of this topic is for cross breeders to have a place to discuss their crossbreeding programs and to share crossbreeding secrets and advice with others who may be interested in giving crossbreeding a try. Feel free to talk about your crossbreeding programs and your achievements and failures in crossbreeding. There are many other aspects to crossbreeding, and we wish to include all if possible
Please remember to follow the rules of the forum and be informative and helpful default smiley :)

Here are a few points for beginners:
♦ If both parents are purebred, then the foal will present as the fathers’ breed
♦ If one or both are not purebred, then the foal will take on whatever is the dominant breed
♦ We cannot convert crossbreeds back to purebred. The most they will ever be is 99%
♦ When blupping, you need to take into account the top 3GP skills of the *individual* horse, not necessarily the breed it presents as
♦ The most important thing when it comes to crossbreeding? - to have fun default smiley ;)


Please bear in mind this is not the place to advertise coverings, nor is it for selling horses.



Well here it is - am proud to announce this is the first known all-star horse on the AU server, achieved on the 20th December 2012
All Out All Star
Congratulations goes to modelhorsemad on such an awesome effort default smiley (h)
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By Retired breeder, 24th May 2011 23:29:36
I iz gonna copy/paste eagle's message so I can breed aweshum horses lol

well hello everyone I do cross-breed on the international version and have been successful breeding a lot of amazing crosses and hoping to continue on here....

the combination which may suit on here
hano/ paint - speed and jumps, with a bit of gallop!
friesian/ trotter - trot overload with a splash of speed
Arab/ hunter/ fry - stamina and dressage
friesian/ paint - amazing speed/ trot/ dressage
TB/ paint - speed/ gallop overload

P.S. I am Starcather9 on the international version default smiley :p

Heather ST
By Retired breeder, 24th May 2011 23:32:17
I have two pure TBs right now, but I think I'll cross her with a Paint and offer random coverings with himdefault smiley xd

Heather ST
By Retired breeder, 25th May 2011 04:08:30
I am trying to get my mares 20 wins so I can breed her. Thinking of breeding to a Hanoverian.
By Retired breeder, 27th May 2011 03:06:05
#1 trot for friesians by 10 points!

I'm going to breed more french frys on here, it's going to be fun!

Susan ES
By Retired breeder, 27th May 2011 03:09:58
Hano/ arab in both dominance are awesome

I have the #1 and #4 stamina in hanos as well as #1 and 4 in jumps for arabs

Better get ready for work...thank goodness it's friday as I feel drained!!
By Retired breeder, 29th May 2011 04:22:19
thinking of starting a bit of cross breeding
By Retired breeder, 29th May 2011 05:09:48
do it kiara
By Retired breeder, 30th May 2011 14:29:50
Lynx nicely done an increase on the top 3 skills....when blupped I suggest cross with a french trotter or a friesian mainly to bring the trot up

Susan ES
By Retired breeder, 30th May 2011 21:26:21
Okay, I'll try that.
I am cross breeding some of my horses. This is as I am trying to get those stars in other skills. You could see my work under the 'Conqring Arab Alstar' Affix. So far I have got 408 in GP with no star! I am trying to get ahead od the DSA and DownUnda ASrabs this way. Shhh. They might read it. We are already in progress now so hopefully we come out in top eventually.default smiley :-))
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i'm in DownUnda Arabs mhm. default smiley :p But i may be able to help you out default smiley ;)

at the moment, i just crossbreed whatever i feel like, seeing what different horse corsses are good at what comps default smiley :d
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By Retired breeder, 11th June 2011 11:31:02
i breed purebred Friesians and porebred arabains
should i start crossbreeding?
which breeds would be best for me to crossbreed?
@ Claire578, that's really up to you default smiley ;)

I've bred every current breed on the game with my foundie friesian, so every breed is represented in my Dragon X-ings™ tab at time of posting. My fave combination so far is fre x shetland. Am still working on most of the others. Have bred a few fre x arabs

Just remember, the main thing when it comes to crossbreeding is to have fun default smiley (y)
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By Retired breeder, 13th June 2011 01:56:33
Most of my horses are cross's. My best 1 is welsh X paint.
By Retired breeder, 16th June 2011 13:40:51
I'm going to breed a cross, I just don't know which one. I need both breeds to have the availability to be black, and I prefer them to have the same height ranges, or atleast max height. I am thinking of doing a friesian, but I don't know what else... Any help?
By Retired breeder, 17th June 2011 09:31:33
What would be a good breed to breed with a friesian?
I would like to breed two horses with high dressage to help my ec
By Retired breeder, 18th June 2011 04:34:54
I'm always looking for coverings from breeders for my experiments. I'm currently breeding Arabian Horse x Paint Horse (several placings on the elite list for Arabian Horses) also I have a 50/50 Connemara x Arabian Horse ranked # 2 on the elite list for Connemaras. I try and keep the dominant breed Arabian horse while building up either trot or jumping with another breed. Therefore I need a cross-bred stallion.
My Arabian x Paint horse only have 1 % Paint Horse as I've bred out most of the Paint gene.
Pondering on what project to start next.
Does anyone know which breeds are good together if you want a quality Dressage Horse?
By Retired breeder, 19th June 2011 09:21:15
I can't wait to see how my crossbreeding effort works out
ive crossbred my mare 50% Friesian, 50% Thoroughbred
with a Hanoverian 50%, Arabian 50%default smiley (b)
By Retired breeder, 20th June 2011 00:17:42
I'm going to start cross breeding Appaloosas with TB's and Arabs (As they are the top purebreds I have in my stable) I have a nice Appy/Arab cross Stally that seems to do well.
Breeding Partners welcome to try these crosses with me.
By Retired breeder, 20th June 2011 07:07:37
Have you tried Akhal x Hano? All its skills are basically equal except the trot in itdefault smiley ;)
By Retired breeder, 20th June 2011 17:57:10
im tryin TBxShettydefault smiley (lol)
By Retired breeder, 20th June 2011 17:59:00
o yay and QHxTBdefault smiley (b)
What up Ben! I have bred a trotter x teke. Skills are awesome.

Ben & I are breeding together under extraterrestrial
wild 'n' free
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By Retired breeder, 22nd June 2011 09:11:08

likey? she my own crossbred
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