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The purpose of this topic is for cross breeders to have a place to discuss their crossbreeding programs and to share crossbreeding secrets and advice with others who may be interested in giving crossbreeding a try. Feel free to talk about your crossbreeding programs and your achievements and failures in crossbreeding. There are many other aspects to crossbreeding, and we wish to include all if possible
Please remember to follow the rules of the forum and be informative and helpful default smiley :)

Here are a few points for beginners:
♦ If both parents are purebred, then the foal will present as the fathers’ breed
♦ If one or both are not purebred, then the foal will take on whatever is the dominant breed
♦ We cannot convert crossbreeds back to purebred. The most they will ever be is 99%
♦ When blupping, you need to take into account the top 3GP skills of the *individual* horse, not necessarily the breed it presents as
♦ The most important thing when it comes to crossbreeding? - to have fun default smiley ;)


Please bear in mind this is not the place to advertise coverings, nor is it for selling horses.



Well here it is - am proud to announce this is the first known all-star horse on the AU server, achieved on the 20th December 2012
All Out All Star
Congratulations goes to modelhorsemad on such an awesome effort default smiley (h)
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By Retired breeder, 27th April 2011 15:05:55
well hello everyone I do cross-breed on the international version and have been successful breeding a lot of amazing crosses and hoping to continue on here....

the combination which may suit on here
hano/ paint - speed and jumps, with a bit of gallop!
friesian/ trotter - trot overload with a splash of speed
Arab/ hunter/ fry - stamina and dressage
friesian/ paint - amazing speed/ trot/ dressage
TB/ paint - speed/ gallop overload

I don't know what the ponies are like as I tend to stay away from them...

Susan ES
By Retired breeder, 27th April 2011 21:19:10
I was going to try a friesian/trotter combo the other day.. one day I will. default smiley :-))
By Retired breeder, 27th April 2011 22:39:44
I've done the frandie on the international and they are awesome - I do have a fry/ trotter but I haven't blupped it yet
By Retired breeder, 28th April 2011 09:13:16
Cant wait to see it eaglespirit default smiley (y)

Watching this forum.... to get an idea of where to start.... some very good idea's here.

Thanks from a newie..
By Retired breeder, 28th April 2011 23:13:20
I'll do it over the weekend that's if I can stay of the international version doing my other crosses

Susan ES
By Retired breeder, 29th April 2011 08:00:38
More Than Colour is FINALLY finished! I still have to do the bottom 3 skills, but she is fully BLUPed and ready to breed! eep! i bought her for the buy a horse form the auctions achievement and since realised although she is a cross, she is also NIB default smiley :)
By Retired breeder, 29th April 2011 08:02:11
i dont usually cross except the rare occasion im wanting GP over anything else
By Retired breeder, 29th April 2011 09:51:42
I am thinking about crossing my welshes with another breed. PM me please if you have any advice default smiley ;)
By Retired breeder, 29th April 2011 09:55:29
Would a Paint Horse X French Trotter mix be good?
By Retired breeder, 30th April 2011 00:31:22
i've found that these breeds work out good

Hano x French Trotter
Arab x Friesan
Friesan x French Trotter
Friesan x Hano
By Retired breeder, 30th April 2011 09:35:30
i agree that frisan cross arab is good but purebreed stend to be better. on international i had like a mix of 12 breeds
By Retired breeder, 30th April 2011 09:44:29
I find

Arab x TB's good ( not that high in Trot )

I tried that and its quite nice ( 390 + gp wierd )
By Retired breeder, 1st May 2011 05:04:18
I am breeding Arabian Horse x Paint Horse x Akhal-Teke.
I am gradually breeding out the Paint Horse & Akhal-Teke though.

Master of Puppets was in first place for a while but is now in 2nd place on the Elite list for Arabian Horses.

Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets is an Akhal-Teke x Paint Horse x Arabian Horse. I am having quite a bit of success with this method of crossbreeding.
I am now breeding green star (*1) Arabian Horse x Paint Horse using the public coverings list. This mix seems to boost Speed a fair bit and is a good way to get ahead GP wise.

Best GP using this method is 395.
By Retired breeder, 1st May 2011 11:30:42
Just new to this.default smiley (y)
By Retired breeder, 1st May 2011 11:48:28
Anyone think a horse with total GP of 350 and these stats would be good?:

By Retired breeder, 1st May 2011 12:13:17
For dressage *wins*:


For Showjumping *wins*:

Gallop Racing *wins*:

By Retired breeder, 1st May 2011 12:47:53
is there any point in trying to breed NIB crosses? I'm trying to decide what I want to do when the male horse I got at the beginning of this game dies...since the female I started with I've just been breeding with him, if you have any suggestions please pm me.
By Retired breeder, 4th May 2011 22:51:54
I am crossbreeding as well and am having some success with Teke/Arab.

Just a quick question... what does NIB stand for?

By Retired breeder, 5th May 2011 01:48:32
NIB is, Not InBred
By Retired breeder, 8th May 2011 04:22:09
On the intr. howrse, I breed high skilled Fjord and other mixes so I though it would be interesting to do the same here.default smiley (lol)

I'm breeding NIB mixes. But I still have yet to reach 100BUlp with any of them. default smiley xd But I'm still trying to get the 20 wins! Most of my mixes have Fjord in them.
By Retired breeder, 14th May 2011 00:37:21
Does anybody have any ideas on what breeds of horses/ponies are good to crossbreed with a Fjord?
By Retired breeder, 14th May 2011 01:04:17
I am intoducing a new breed to howrse I have discover on tthe international version.
I am doing 0gp by crossbreeding with every breed!
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By Retired breeder, 15th May 2011 16:31:23
Currently blupping this cross - a french fry (french trotter/ friesian) and might be # 1 in trot for friesians I won't know until after the update...I won't know until the morning!!

Susan ES
By Retired breeder, 15th May 2011 16:34:18
this cross was a complete surprise - hano/ arab; my hano BP and I are #1 and 3 in arab jumps on the international version!!

better get back to blupping!
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