King Of Jazz

King Of Jazz

king of jazz
Seniority: 2,117 daysGeneral ranking: 6th
Registration date: 11/01/2011Number of horses: 11817
Last visit: 26/06/2017Reserve: 8,230,108 equus
Karma: 10 points
equestrian centre

Equestrian centre

King Of Jazz manages the equestrian centre Elite Equitana Stables.

  • Prestige:
  • Number of places: 132
  • Number of remaining places: 0


King Of Jazz has been congratulated 29,432 times in all, most recently by:

RachieRoo56 minutes ago
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Adnil292 hours ago
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sales in progress

Sales in progress

HorsePriceType of sale
C 3929....5,000 equus and 2 passesDirect
Sωσя'ѕ...25,500 equus and 5 passesDirect
Xanth15,000 equus and 5 passesDirect
1172.44...500 equus and 2 passesDirect
219 G5,000 equus and 1 passDirect
customised ufos

Customised UFOs

Currently: hermit crab Hermit Crab

Androgynehermit crab26/06/2017
Mr Moonlighthermit crab25/06/2017
AGC10ageing point23/06/2017
Svenpurple crystal20/05/2017
RosalinaAyanepurple crystal19/05/2017