King Of Jazz

King Of Jazz

king of jazz
Seniority: 2,327 daysGeneral ranking: 6th
Registration date: 11/01/2011Number of horses: 12911
Last visit: 23/01/2018Reserve: 41,523,159 equus
Karma: 10 points


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sales in progress

Sales in progress

HorsePriceType of sale
F 610.02500 equus and 1 passDirect
F 4270....500 equus and 3 passesDirect
F 4264....5,000 equus and 1 passDirect
C 4264....5,000 equus and 1 passDirect
F 4261....5,000 equus and 1 passDirect
customised ufos

Customised UFOs

Currently: apollo's lyre Apollo's Lyre

colin1apollo's lyre21/01/2018
cinnabon06apollo's lyre18/01/2018
hayley.03apollo's lyre13/01/2018
Gemmawater trough12/01/2018
Mercenarie1967water trough11/01/2018