The breeder's manual


Acquiring bonuses

Every time you overcome a challenge, you can choose a bonus from 3 random ones.

The proposed bonuses vary according to the challenge's difficulty and your current threshold.

Bonus types

There are 4 types of Bonuses:

  • manualcardDivine card: Allows you to add a divine card to your hand. If you already have 6 divine cards in your hand, you'll need to replace one.
  • rowguebonuslevel1Level increase: Allows you to increase the level of one or more cards. When a card increases by a level, all its abilities increase by 1.
  • rowguebonusenergy1Energy regain: Allows you to restore the energy of one or more cards.
  • manualboosterBoosters: Allows you to add a booster to your inventory. You can use your boosters to try and overcome the challenges of the rooms. They will disappear once they're used.

End-of-game bonuses

At the end of each Ascent of Olympus game, you'll lose all the bonuses you've earned.

You'll get new ones in the next game.