Help with your equestrian centre

1 / Create and manage your equestrian centre

> 1.1 - General


Create and manage your equestrian center to:

  • Welcome boarded horses
  • Offer pasture land
  • Grow many products
  • Craft useful items for your equestrian center and breeding farms
  • Create and manage your competitions

Access is granted when you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

> 1.2 – Location

When creating your Equestrian Centre, you must select where you would like it to be located. There are 3 possible locations:
  • Forest
  • Beach
  • Mountain
Depending on the location of your Equestrian Centre, your boarders will progress faster when doing certain rides:
  • Forest rides, if your centre is located in a forest
  • Beach rides if your centre is located at the beach
  • Mountain rides if your centre is located in the mountains
Also, each equestrian centre location comes with a specific resource that you can obtain from the missions completed by your boarders. These resources will allow you to craft most items sold at the shop.

> 1.3 – The shop

At the shop, you will find everything necessary to operate your equestrian centre spread throughout the different departments:

  • Enhancements where you will find items that improve meadow output, or that make your boxes more comfortable
  • Agriculture where you can purchase seeds and fertiliser for use in your meadows when growing crops
  • Resources where you can purchase all the ingredients required to craft the items you need to run your equestrian centre. This is also the place where you can purchase bedding for your boxes
  • Food and Equipment where you can purchase food and equipment, then make them available to your boarders instead of using them on your own horses

Boxes, workshops, meadows and greenhouses can be purchased from the page where they are used. Racetracks and calves (depending on your equestrian centre speciality) are purchased from the competitions page.

On the shop page, you can also check your inventory or sell items if you want to. However, you will not be able to sell racetracks, boxes, meadows, greenhouses or workshops installed in your centre.

> 1.4 – Boxes

box 2**

You can house one boarder per box. The number of boxes you can purchase from the shop is determined by your seniority in Howrse, specifically, you can purchase one box per two days of seniority. If you build them in your workshops however, you can acquire as many boxes as you wish.

There are various boxes with different sizes. As they are more comfortable for the horses, the bigger boxes provide more morale to the boarders when they wake up.
Box quality also affects your equestrian centre prestige.


You need bedding in your boxes to house a horse or a pony. Head to the equestrian centre shop in order to buy bedding. Once bedding stock is created, it will be shown to the right of the shop page in your inventory. Visit "The boxes" page and select the bedding that you would like to use; you can only select bedding that you have enough of in your inventory.

When you buy a new box, it comes with bedding according to the bedding type you have selected for use in your equestrian centre.

Each day, bedding in boxes where there is a boarder ages. After 7 days, it is automatically removed during the daily website update at 18:00, and is replaced by clean bedding if you have enough of it in your inventory. If you do not have enough bedding, your boxes will be left without bedding and your prestige will fall. Check your stocks regularly.

The bedding that you choose for your boxes also affects your boarders. Indeed, the better the quality of bedding used in a box is, the more energy a horse will gain and the less morale it will lose when spending time there.


Your occupied boxes gains 1% wear every day. You need to repair them before they reach 100% wear.

A reparer icon is visible next to a box's wear and can be used to repair it. The cost of repairing a box depends on the box's level of wear, the box quality and the enhancements available in it.

If you don't repair a box, it'll become unusable upon reaching 100% wear and will stop counting towards your equestrian center prestige. Also, if a horse was boarded there it'll be evicted. Your Equus balance will then be debited of the remaining boarding costs to reimburse the horse's owner. You can repair a box at any time in order to accommodate boarding horses again.


If you want to save a box for a specific player's horses, all you need to do is to reserve one or several boxes through the "reserve this box" link.

> 1.5 - Meadows

Land medium meadow

You will have to purchase meadows from the equestrian centre shop. These meadows will be used as pasture for your boarders and to develop some agricultural activity; which is an important source of income. Meadows sold at the shop have different land areas.

Fertility is crucial as it will determine the yield of your crops. It will be taken into account for the quality of your meadows displayed on your equestrian centre page, and horses put out in a more fertile meadow will eat more free fodder. The latter point will have consequences on the spending of the owners who board their horses at your equestrian centre.

Whether you choose to turn a meadow into a pasture, raise cows or grow crops on it, it will lose fertility when used.You will need to lay the meadow fallow in order to recover its fertility.

The fertility of a meadow increases by 1% for each day that it lies fallow in spring or autumn, by 3% in summer, and by 0.2% in winter. Land that lies fallow in winter will only slightly increase in fertility.

Pastures for the boarders

Your pasture land area must be equal to your number of boxes in order to meet the needs of the horses boarded in your equestrian centre. For instance, a centre with 10 boxes must have a pasture land area of at least 10. Remember that it is advised to have more meadows available in order to grow them or put them fallow, in order to allow the soil to rest and to restore its fertility.


You can have 6 meadows growing crops or with cows on them at any time, whatever the size of your equestrian centre or meadow.Crop availability and yield is impacted by the season.

If you have a greenhouse, you can sow the seeds you want in any seasons without any other limit than the limitation of crops to 6 meadows, taking into account that the greenhouse counts as a meadow. However, you can't grow apples or passes in the greenhouse.

A greenhouse's wear increases by 1% per day when it is being used to grow crops.

A reparer icon is visible next to a greenhouse's wear and can be used to repair it. The cost of repairing a greenhouse depends on the greenhouse's level of wear and its size. If you do not repair your greenhouse, it will become unusable upon reaching 100% wear and the current crop is lost. You can repair a greenhouse at any time in order to keep using it.

Available crops
SeedPlantation seasonCrop growing durationHarvest
carrot seedsCarrot seedsSpring9 days
carotte Carrot
wheat seedsWheat seedsSummer9 days
sonble Wheat bran
ressourcepaille Straw
oat seedsOat seedsSpring11 days
avoine Oats
pass seedsPass seedsAutumn30 days
pass Pass
apple seedsApple seedsAutumnA harvest every Autumn
pomme Apple
flax seedsFlax seedsSpring8 days
ressourcelin Flax
alfalfa seedsAlfalfa seedsSummer7 days
fourrage Fodder

During wintertime, you can't grow anything unless you own a greenhouse. If you do, you will be able to grow anything you like, except for apples and passes.

To earn money, you can sell your crops at the shop.

You can also:

  • make carrots, oats, and fodder available to your boarders in order to receive more prestige
  • use wheat bran and apples to create mashes
  • use straw and flax bedding in your boxes

To start a crop in a meadow:

  • head to the Equestrian centre and purchase the seeds and fertiliser you want
  • head to the meadows page
  • if the meadow can be used, click “Lay Fallow” then “Grow Crops”
  • select the seeds and fertiliser to use on this meadow
  • validate and the meadow starts growing crops!

Note that the use of fertiliser will reduce the number of days to maturity.

Once the harvest is over, the meadow will lie fallow to let the ground rest. You can then use this meadow to grow crops again, or for pasturing horses boarded at the equestrian centre.

Raising cows

You can also raise cows on your meadows and use them to obtain leather. The number of meadows on which you can raise cows or grow crops is restricted to 6. Thus, if you already have 4 meadows or greenhouses currently growing crops, for example, you can dedicate no more than 2 meadows to raising cows.

As is the case with horses, cows require one hectare each. A small meadow is 5 hectares large and can support 5 cows.

When raising cows, you can obtain leather after 30 days. The meadow then turns fallow and you can start raising cows again.

There are two types of cows, each with a specific leather yield.

> 1.6 - Workshops

Workshops allow you to make all types of buildings and all the items you will need in your equestrian centre or breeding farms, except for resources and farm products. Your equestrian centre comes with a small workshop when you create it. Later on you can add other workshops, either by purchasing them or constructing them in the workshops you already own.


The number of workshops you can use simultaneously depends on the prestige value of your equestrian centre:

  • Between 0% and 20% prestige: 1 active workshop
  • Between 20% and 40% prestige: 2 active workshops
  • Between 40% and 60% prestige: 3 active workshops
  • Between 60% and 80% prestige: 4 active workshops
  • Between 80% and 100% prestige: 5 active workshops

Production duration and required resources depend on the items you want to craft.

box12 Box 1*ressourcebois Wood x 25
ressourcesable Sand x 25
3 hours
box16 Box 2**ressourcebois Wood x 500
ressourcesable Sand x 500
2 days
box18 Box 3***ressourcebois Wood x 2500
ressourcesable Sand x 2500
8 days
atelierpetit Small workshopressourcebois Wood x 250
ressourcesable Sand x 250
1 day
ateliermoyen Medium workshopressourcebois Wood x 1250
ressourcesable Sand x 1250
4 days 4 hours
ateliergrand Large workshopressourcebois Wood x 3750
ressourcesable Sand x 3750
12 days 12 hours
serrepetite Little greenhouseressourcebois Wood x 50
ressourcesable Sand x 50
5 hours
serremoyenne Medium greenhouseressourcebois Wood x 250
ressourcesable Sand x 250
20 hours
serregrande Large greenhouseressourcebois Wood x 2000
ressourcesable Sand x 2000
6 days 12 hours
abreuvoir Water troughressourcefer Iron x 1500
3 days
douche Showerressourcefer Iron x 2500
5 days
tracteur Tractorressourcefer Iron x 2500
5 days
auge Feed troughressourcefer Iron x 1500
3 days
brideclassique1x 1* Classical Bridleressourcefer Iron x 10
ressourcecuir Leather x 90
5 hours
brideclassique2x 2** Classical Bridleressourcefer Iron x 20
ressourcecuir Leather x 180
10 hours
brideclassique3x 3*** Classical Bridleressourcefer Iron x 80
ressourcecuir Leather x 720
1 day 16 hours
selleclassique1x 1* Classical Saddleressourcefer Iron x 20
ressourcecuir Leather x 230
12 hours
selleclassique2x 2** Classical Saddleressourcefer Iron x 40
ressourcecuir Leather x 460
1 day
selleclassique3x 3*** Classical Saddleressourcefer Iron x 160
ressourcecuir Leather x 1840
4 days
tapisclassique1x 1* Classical Saddle Clothressourcelin Flax x 20
10 hours
bande1x 1* Polo Wrapsressourcelin Flax x 10
5 hours
bonnet1x 1* Ear Bonnetressourcelin Flax x 10
5 hours
cloches Bell bootsressourcecuir Leather x 500
1 day
cravache Whipressourcecuir Leather x 1000
2 days
eperons Spursressourcefer Iron x 1500
3 days
longe Lungeressourcecuir Leather x 1250
5 days
crampons Horseshoe Studsressourcefer Iron x 1750
3 days 12 hours
mash Mashsonble Wheat bran x 500
pomme Apple x 200
graineslin Flax seeds x 100
12 hours
engraisk 1* fertilisercrottin Droppings x 200
6 hours
engraissadechir 2** fertilisercrottin Droppings x 400
12 hours
engraisfumier Manurecrottin Droppings x 600
ressourcepaille Straw x 200
1 day 12 hours
bridewestern1x 1* Western Bridleressourcefer Iron x 10
ressourcecuir Leather x 90
5 hours
bridewestern2x 2** Western Bridleressourcefer Iron x 20
ressourcecuir Leather x 180
10 hours
bridewestern3x 3*** Western Bridleressourcefer Iron x 80
ressourcecuir Leather x 720
1 day 16 hours
sellewestern1x 1* Western Saddleressourcefer Iron x 20
ressourcecuir Leather x 230
12 hours
sellewestern2x 2** Western Saddleressourcefer Iron x 40
ressourcecuir Leather x 460
1 day
sellewestern3x 3*** Western Saddleressourcefer Iron x 160
ressourcecuir Leather x 1840
4 days
tapiswestern1x 1* Western Saddle Clothressourcelin Flax x 20
10 hours

A workshop's wear increases by 1% per day, whether it is used or not.

A icon is visible next to workshop wear and can be used to repair it. The cost of repairing a workshop depends on the workshop's size and level of wear.

If you don't repair a workshop, it will become unusable upon reaching 100% wear and any ongoing production is lost. You can repair the workshop at any time in order to keep using it.

2 / Make your equestrian centre prosper

> 2.1 - Boarders

The cost of boarding

Your equestrian centre can welcome boarded horses. You can choose the boarding cost per horse per night via your centre's management. This cost must be between 20 equus and 200 equus. However, when you board your own horses in your centre, you pay nothing and your centre earns nothing.

Minimum skill requirement

You can set a minimum skill requirement for the horses boarded at your centre. This is done in your equestrian centre's management. Only horses with this minimum skill set may be registered with your centre. Note, however, that this also concerns breeders for whom you have reserved a box. If their horse does not meet the minimum requirement that you set, they will not be able to register with your centre.

Boarding expiration

Once their boarding period is expired, boarders leave the equestrian centre just after the daily website update at 18:00.

Extending a stay

Check your management for news on a regular basis. You will find boarding extension requests from breeders who have a horse boarded at your centre, and you will be free to accept or refuse these requests.

The influence of boarders on prestige

The horses that you are housing have, of course, an impact on your centre according to their number, but also to their best skill.

> 2.2 - Benefits for boarders

You can make different food products and tack items available to your boarders via your equestrian centre's management office.
When you make one of these products available, your boarders have free use of this product from your inventory for the entire duration of their stay.
In order to be able to make a product available to your boarders, you must have a certain amount of it in your inventory, depending on how many boxes you have, and ensuring you always have enough left. The minimum quantity needed for each product is shown on your management page.

ItemQuantity required per box
1* classical saddleSaddle1
1* classical bridleBridle1
1* classical saddle clothSaddle blanket1
1* ear bonnetEar Bonnet1
1* polo wrapsPolo Wraps1

Also, in order for an item to appear in the lists of advantages on the equestrian centre registration page, you need to have twice the required quantity in your inventory.

> 2.3 - Enhancements

Box enhancements

In order to make horses boarded at your equestrian centre more comfortable, you can acquire enhancements and place them in the boxes of your choosing:

  • water trough: when watered, horses with a water trough in their box will earn 4 times more energy and morale than horses who don't have one available.
  • shower: when performing actions, horses with a shower in their box will spend 10% less energy than horses without a shower available.

You can only add one shower and one water trough per box.

Offering showers and water troughs increases the prestige value of your equestrian centre.

Meadow enhancements

In order to improve the yield of crops and cows in your equestrian centre, you can obtain enhancements and add them to the meadows of your choice:

  • feed trough: if you raise cows on a meadow where a trough is present, your cows will produce 30% more leather.
  • tractor: having a tractor on a meadow increases crop yield on that meadow by 50%

You can only have one feed trough and one tractor per meadow.

> 2.4 - Missions


Your equestrian centre can offer missions. The owners of the horses boarded in your equestrian centre will decide whether they want to take these missions or not.This will allow them to earn a certain amount of Equus and to receive skill points for their horse. This reward in Equus will not be taken from you, you will have nothing to pay.

Mission rewards depend on the prestige of boarders in your equestrian centre. However, the number of missions your equestrian centre can offer each day is unlimited. Only normal horses are counted in the calculation.

Also, whenever one of your boarders completes a mission, you receive a certain amount of Equus or resources depending on the best skill of that horse. It is you who decides on the portion of missions that provide Equus (lesson) or resources from your equestrian centre management. The type of resource obtained depends on where your equestrian centre is located:

  • Forest: wood
  • Mountain: iron
  • Beach: sand

Please note that the quantity of resources you can obtain from missions is limited by resource supply. This supply replenishes on a daily basis, according to the prestige of your equestrian centre and can't exceed 2000 units.

When one of your boarders completes a mission that gives resources as a reward, the reward is doubled if a draught horse was used.

> 2.5 - Competition


You can organise competitions in your equestrian centre. When the top-ranking horses on Howrse join in your competitions, your centre's prestige increases!

You can set different parameters to determine which horses will have access to your competition.

You need 5 participants for each competition. Competitions begin automatically a few minutes after registrations are closed. Registrations open again between 1 hour and 24 hours after the last contest took place, depending on the type of competition. As long as there are no registered horses, you can modify the minimum level or the course of your competitions through the competitions page in the equestrian centre menu. If your competition has not been run for more than 5 days, you can modify it even if there are registered horses.

Classical Riding Competitions

If your equestrian centre specialises in Classical Riding, you can organise:

  • speed races (trot or gallop)
  • cross-country competitions
  • show jumping competitions
  • dressage competitions

When organising cross-country, showjumping and dressage competitions, before any horses can register, the difficulty of the courses you build must meet the minimum levels in stamina for cross-country competitions, jumping for show jumping competitions, and dressage for dressage competitions.

When you create your equestrian centre you receive a small race track you can use to schedule one speed race per day. You can purchase a second one from the competitions page later. Each equestrian centre can have up to 2 race tracks. To earn optimum prestige, you need to organise 2 races and therefore have 2 race tracks.

Western Riding Competitions

If your equestrian centre specialises in Western Riding, you can organise:

  • barrel racing competitions
  • cutting competitions
  • trail class competitions
  • reining competitions
  • western pleasure competitions

When organising reining and trail class competitions, before any horses can register, the difficulty of the courses you build must meet the minimum levels in galloping for reining competitions and dressage for trail class competitions.

Organizing a cutting competition requires calves when creating or editing your competition. When you create a competition you receive your first calf for free. The number of calves determines the minimum stamina requirement for horses that register.

Competitions for low-level horses

You can make reservations for competitions open to low-level horses. Your competitions will gain more prestige than those which are at the same level and open to all horses, and you'll win 500 Equus every time your competitions for low-level horses take place.

Low-level horses are horses that:

  • have less than 20 wins
  • have no skills over 1800
  • which have no skills with a genetic potential over 2510

This value is recalculated every night.

> 2.6 - Employees

You can hire employees in your equestrian centre.

Each employee provides a bonus to your equestrian centre while employed there. You can hire several employees simultaneously, but cannot hire a given employee several times. You can, however, extend an employee's contract before it expires.

From time to time, you may obtain expert diplomas that have a limited duration. When this happens, all the employees currently hired become expert employees while the expert diploma is active. The bonus they provide to your equestrian centre is doubled.

3 / Advertise your equestrian centre

> 3.1 - The equestrian centre profile page


Your details may be viewed by all the players. You can view them in the management of the centre. On this same page, you can create the presentation of your centre, which will appear according to the same principle as your breeder presentation. You can edit your presentation at any time.

You can also view the details of all the other centres by clicking their name. In these details, you can compare your centre with other centres and thus see where you need to make improvements so that your centre can move up the ranking.

> 3.2 - The centre prestige

Your equestrian centre prestige is a rating showing its quality. The higher the prestige is, the more renown your centre will have and the more it will attract boarders. Make sure you regularly check your centre's prestige in order to progress in the rankings.

It depends on many factors, divided into five main areas.

The equestrian centre's comfort

Your equestrian centre's comfort corresponds to your boxes quality, and the services that you make available to your boarders. Thus it consists of:

  • the size of your boxes
  • the quality of bedding
  • the presence of a shower in the boxes
  • whether you have made food available to your boarders (fodder, oats, carrots and mash)
  • whether you have made equipment available to your boarders, and the quality of that equipment (saddle cloth, saddle, bridle, ears bonnet, polo wraps)
Meadow prestige

The meadows that you offer to your boarders for grazing purposes must be fertile and adequate in number.

Equestrian centre capacity

The bigger your equestrian centre is, and the more boarders it houses, the higher its prestige will be. The ideal situation is to have 100 boxes (additional boxes do not increase prestige), and to have an occupancy rate of at least 50%.

Boarders' skills

Obviously, the horses that you are housing also have an impact on your center prestige. The best skill of each of them is taken into account, except for special horses.


The five competitions that your centre can hold have an impact on the total prestige of your centre. Be sure to check the prestige provided by each of them.

> 3.3 - Rankings

Ranking of the equestrian centres podium

Equestrian centres are required for the game to run properly. They house the horses and allow breeders to train them. These centres have 3 types of ranking:

  • Prestige
  • the number of boarded horses
  • Most popular equestrian centres: this ranking is calculated based on the number of visits by different players during the previous day. It is unnecessary to visit one profile page several times, only one visit will be taken into account.
Ranking of the competitions

On this page, you can view the ranking of the most prestigious competitions, the amount of Equus in their kitty and see the centres that organise them.

The best horses on Howrse compete in these events.

To reward regularity, competitions with more than 75% worth of prestige that haven't been run for more than 5 days lose 1% of prestige per day beyond that delay.

> 3.4 - The rosettes

Equestrian centre rosettes

Rosettes are rewards for horses that finish first in competitions that have more than 75% prestige. Winning a rosette gives you double the Equus!

Rosettes are a good way to make your equestrian centre stand out, because they're shown on the special rosette page for all horses that have won them.

To activate your rosette, just go to your competitions page.

... or check the answers to the most frequently asked questions

When I registered my horses in my centre, the board and lodging was free when it shouldn't have been!

Boarding is free for your own horses. It's therefore normal to see "free" when you register your horses in your own centre. Other players will have to pay to register their horses in your centre.

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How do I repair a box?

A reparer icon appears next to degradation on "The boxes" page.

Move up

Why can't I buy a new box?

You can purchase one box per two days of seniority. If you want to know how many boxes your equestrian centre can have, you need to divide your seniority by two. Please note that this restriction does not apply to boxes crafted in workshops.

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Can I sell a meadow back to the shop?

No, you can only destroy your meadow, but you won't get your money back.

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I've laid my meadow fallow and the fertility is not increasing. Why?

The rise in fertility for each fallow day is 1% in the spring and autumn, 3% in the summer, and 0.2% in winter. So fallowing in winter raises fertility very little.

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I can't grow my pass seeds. Why?

If you are unable to grow this very peculiar plant, it means you have neglected to fulfill all the necessary conditions it requires to grow.

You need a large meadow, manure fertiliser and of course 25 pass seeds. Don't forget this plant can only be sown during autumn, the young seedling are sensitive to drought as well as frost.

Move up

My competition isn't in progress. What should I do?

Make sure the difficulty level is right for the reward. Players with better horses will not register them for a competition where they won't be making a lot of money. You'll be able to increase the difficulty once you've held it a few times. Remember, a competition that starts out small and then grows is better than a competition no one joins...

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